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A Fully Honest Quince Sheets Review

A Fully Honest Quince Sheets Review

I’ve never been one to be picky about my bedding. I simply accepted whatever sheets my mom gave to me, never once suspecting that there might be a better option on the market. But after moving into my own apartment, I was ready for something a bit more grown-up.

While my sheets adorned with pugs were adorable, I needed to get a grip. First of all, they were pilling and tinged with remnants of self-tanner. Second, every girl on TikTok has Pinterest-worthy bedding — and I am determined to be one of them.

For some reason, I became hell-bent on finding the perfect set of linen sheets. I was convinced that linen sheets would be the elegant touch to my bedroom that I didn’t know I needed. I could already imagine the pre-washed feel of soft linen, and I could see the crisp white when I closed my eyes at night.

But there’s a catch, as there always is. Linen sheets are a bit out of my price range. And I didn’t want to risk online shopping for bedding because you can’t touch it yourself.

So I did my research and decided to take a leap of faith. Sure, brands like Brooklinen are ubiquitous amongst people my age living in and around the big city — but the linen sheet set alone is almost $400…and I still needed to buy a duvet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t justify spending that much. No matter how firmly I believe in making your bedroom your sanctuary.

And then, something beautiful happened: I met my match. I found Quince, where they believe quality products don’t need to come at luxury pricing. You can save over 50% on apparel, home goods, and more – and trust me, it’s actually worth it.

Quince Has TheBest Linen Sheets



What sold me on Quince’s site was their bedding bundle. Sue me, I can’t resist a discount. I knew I wanted the European Linen Deluxe Bedding Bundle because it gave me everything I needed: a duvet cover, the sheet set, and two sham covers. All of this was $219, which was a huge discount for high-quality bedding compared to the other sites.

With transparent pricing, Quince clearly breaks down what your $219 pays for: including shipping and freight, materials, crafting costs, and more. With most retailers, I just assume I am overpaying and don’t ask questions, so it's totally refreshing to see the honesty laid out for me.


I also chose their Premium Down Alternative Comforter because (at 25 years old) I had never owned a duvet insert. It was always full comforter or bust. I’ve now learned that duvet covers and inserts are actually much more manageable to wash — but I digress.

After a few months of sleeping in my Quince sheets, I honestly liken it to sleeping on a cloud. They’re light, breathable, and get softer with every wash. While I was originally worried about opting for white sheets, they’re easy to maintain, and stains easily lift from the fabric (yes, even my self-tanner).

Seriously, everyone who has touched my bed has instantly said how jealous they are. When people are asking which sheets to buy, they ask where I got mine. On my resume, my title will say “Bedding It-Girl.”

So now that I know I love Quince’s linen sheets, I wanted to take it a step further.

…Or Should I Say Quince Has The Best Bedding?

Luxury Organic Sateen Embroidered Deluxe Bedding Bundle

I’ve always wanted to make my room feel like a 5-star hotel. And I’ve learned that doing so isn’t by choosing the correct diffuser scent (I prefer Capri Blue), or what bedframe you choose…but it’s all in the sheets.

So when I was browsing the Quince site, I noticed that their Luxury Organic Sateen Bedding boasted hotel-level luxury. Even more affordable than the linen sets, the Sateen bundles start at $159. Sold!

And honestly, the best recommendation I can give here is to put on a eucalyptus candle and go to sleep in these sheets. I’ve realized the difference in having premium sheets is that you actually enjoy hanging out in your bed. It’s genuinely become more difficult to toss my bedding aside and step out of bed each morning.

What Makes Quince Bedding Different Than The Rest?

Personally, I love it when a brand pays extra attention to the little details — which is exactly what Quince does with all their products. Quince commits to emphasizing quality by using sustainable materials and processes where they can.

In an effort to keep their carbon footprint low, Quince ships directly from their manufacturers to reduce waste. You may notice your order comes in compostable bags and recyclable mailers.

Just like me, they believe that everyone deserves a lil bit of luxury. It’s why we have the Little Treats trend or emulate Sofia Richie's Old Money Style. Even if you don’t necessarily have Sofia Richie money, you deserve a bit of Sofia Richie’s lifestyle.

Quince makes that all possible, with products spanning from luxe cashmere sweaters to high-end made-to-order rugs to bedding. It’s your one-stop shop to create the capsule closet and home of your dreams without breaking the bank.

The sheets are so good, they make me want to take one of those “Wake Up With Me” videos…

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