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Best Decor to Feng Shui Your Office Like a Boss

We've selected the very best home decor products to incorporate the elements of feng shui into your office so you can feel like a boss (literally or figuratively).

Design is about a lot more than just having a pretty room. We decorate our houses with aesthetic items that bring us joy and pride and that express who we are. However, we shouldn't stop at just our living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and baths.

The average American will spend about one-third of their life working. Therefore, it's just as important to bring personalized decor into your office space. Whether decorating a large office for which you intend to show off your style to clients, or a home office in which you wish to create a productive atmosphere for yourself, taking a page from Feng Shui practices and beliefs can help to promote a well-rounded work environment.

We've selected the very best home decor products to incorporate the elements of feng shui into your office so you can feel like a boss (literally or figuratively). But first, take the time to read and understand the basics of feng shui in a work environment.

It also may be helpful to understand your personal feng shui birth element when deciding which elements to incorporate into your decor: Find yours on the chart below. Feng shui practice shows that incorporating your birth element into your decorating can bring out the best benefits of feng shui.

personal feng shui birth element

Water Element Decor

wave shaped mirror represents the water element

Decorating your office with elements of water promotes a sense of freshness and purity in your work environment. They're also said to help if you're looking for new work opportunities; they're known to attract the energy of abundance and wealth. If you wish to bring the water element into your office decor, stick with blue hues or black colors. For shapes, any decor that is wavy or curved evokes the water element. Mirrors, fountains, and images of water are also great features.

This wave-shaped mirror from Amazon is customizable and sticks right onto any wall in your office to bring out the water element.

Fire Element Decor

candles represent the fire element

Bringing elements of fire into your office decor can promote passion and success. This element represents celebration and achievement. The fire element is best expressed through colors of red, orange, strong yellow, purple, and pink. As for shapes, objects in a triangle or star shape best represent fire. If you need a boost in creativity and energy at work, fire elements can help.

This coffee scented slow-burning candle from Amazon brings the perfect amount of coffee fragrance to your office. This aromatic espresso scent triggers your brain's feelings of alertness.

Wood Element Decor

wood floating shelves

The wood element in feng shui promotes growth and vitality. This element is also known to help ground you, which can help keep you focused on your work tasks. Brown and green colors best express the wood element, as do the rectangle shape. One of the easiest ways to bring this element into your office decor is in wood furniture, such as desks, chairs, tables, and bookcases. Other than furniture and wood decor, plants also represent the wood element. If you are looking for a break-through in a work project, bring more wood elements into your decor

Adding these wood floating shelves to your office walls is a great, simplistic way to represent the wood element.

Earth Element Decor

himalayan salt lamp

The earth element promotes nourishment, support, and patience. A strong earth presence in your office space can give you reassurance in hectic work times. The best color uses with the earth element are beige, sand, and taupe. Likewise, square shapes best represent this element. Decorating with pottery and earth crystals are great ways to add earth decor to your office. Bring the elements of the earth into your office if you feel scatter-brained and need to focus.

Himalayan salt lamps are great features to express the earth element and look great displayed on an office shelf. The salt crystals, mined from the earth, are also said to act as an air purifier.

Metal Element Decor

metal round infinity photo frames

Metal elements promote sharpness, clarity, and efficiency. Bringing this element into your office decor can bring fresh dynamic energy to your workspace. White and grey color tones best represent metal, along with the round shapes. Metal elements are best to bring into your office space when you're lacking clarity.

These round infinity photo frames are the perfect representation of the metal element, with their round shape and silver metal framing.

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