Poo Pourri: Potty in Secret & Style

Poo Pourri: Potty in Secret & Style

This silly yet effective bathroom tool will be your best friend.

What initially draws you to Poo Pourri are their hilarious commercials. They endeavor to take away the taboo of poo with their witty and endearing up front nature that clearly says, everyone poops. Luckily, Poo Pourri can help you because it really does work!

When you add an element of humor to the conversation then some of the shame surrounding the subject goes away. Poo Pourri ads are relatable because everyone has been in a situation where they've needed to go but it was not a convenient time or place. Poo Pourri commercials are not where the jokes end. All of the the scents are humorous and they don't shy away from potty humor with names like Déjà Poo, Call of the Wild, Royal Flush, Poo La La, and so many more. This can take some of the social pressure of politeness out of the equation. It's lighthearted and it's silly, but it's also incredibly effective and useful.

Here's the process of how it works. When you have to use to the bathroom you spray the water before you go. The essential oils form a film over the water that not only traps the smells inside but also releases their scent into the air. This product isn't like spray air fresheners. It doesn't try and cover up the smell by heavily perfuming the air and there is no citrus scent overload that barely covers up the stink underneath. Poo Pourri has the complete elimination of smells. The scents are eliminated before they even have a chance to make it to the air where they'd need to be covered up. The best offense is a good defense.

The company has different scents you can choose from. Some are fruity, some are floral, and some are even special holiday edition scents if you are in a festive poo mood. With different sized bottles you can buy large ones for the family bathroom or a smaller travel size if you need to take it on a trip. There are even tiny little bottles, or a fancy refillable one, that can hold a couple of sprays and are perfect for fitting into your purse or pocket. This can come in really handy for any moment that you suddenly need to use a restroom, whether it's at a restaurant or a significant other's house, so you can no longer feel any shame or fear using the bathroom.

The product is not only geared towards women. There are a lot of floral and citrus scents that in theory are aimed at females, but last time I checked men have noses incredibly similar to women's. If you are label conscious and want to assure bathroom guests of your masculinity, or if you just prefer more "masculine" smells of a woodsy/musky nature than no fear! There are scents that suit every need. Grab yourself a pseudo toolkit and get your smells under control.

Poo Pourri also makes for a terrific gift! I've bought some for family members and opened up their minds to the wonderful world of scent free poopin'. They are easily accessible for purchase both on their website and on Amazon. They even have curated gift sets that come in prepackaged arrangements. This product should be a staple for every home where loved ones are forced to smell each other's stink.

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