Should We Be Zapping Our Skin? The Shocking Skincare Device Celebs Love

Should We Be Zapping Our Skin? The Shocking Skincare Device Celebs Love

Why I got The NuFACE (Jennifer Aniston approved!!!) and can’t stop recommending it to everyone.

Celebrity skincare is famously inaccessible — and sometimes shamelessly bizarre.

There’s J-Lo’s olive oil skincare. There’s Gwenyth Paltrow’s Goop and diets like the Milk Cleanse. Plus, every Vogue Secrets Beauty Routine is packed with products that cost hundreds of dollars.

What are the rest of us lowly people supposed to do?

There are budget beauty brand alternatives to all your aspirational beauty desires. You don’t have to buy the exact products you see online to craft an effective routine.

There are also subscriptions like the Allure Beauty Box. I’m subscribed to this, and I couldn’t recommend it more. Each month, I’m treated to a box of goodies curated by Allure’s beauty experts. I feel pampered. I feel famous. I don’t feel tempted to splurge on every product I see.

But there’s one thing I still wanted … one thing I couldn’t get out of my head. Despite feeling satisfied with my collection of skincare products, I needed to venture out. To explore a new realm. The realm of facial tools.

I yearned for a microcurrent device.

If you’re on skincare social media — Instagram or TikTok, take your pick — you’ve seen these. Sleek, little machines that zap your skin into smooth submission. Or sometimes giant LED masks that give you spa-level results at home.

I’ve been eyeing these for YEARS. Specifically, The NuFace.

The NuFace is a multi-solution skin care device that's iconic in skin care communities and yields dramatic results — even if you have sensitive skin. It rejuvenates the skin at a cellular level, toning and sculpting your face until it’s snatched.

It's called the “5-minute facelift” for a reason.

It’s FDA-cleared and easy-to-use for jaw-dropping results. A few swipes instantly depuff your face. And consistent use gives you the bone structure you’ve always dreamed of. NuFace provides your dream contour — naturally.

NuFACE 5-Minute Facial-Lift™

This handheld microcurrent device has been the object of my desire since high school, rather than face masks and hyaluronic acids. At the time, the industry was less saturated with these devices, so I had no clue if what I was lusting for was mechanical snake oil.

But over the years, reviews for the microcurrent facials have come pouring in from celebrities… And now TikTok videos about how incredible this device is. Obviously, I watched all these testimonies with rapt attention.

Jennifer Aniston swears by this tool. As the queen of anti-aging, I trust her perspective. “It’s like a little workout for your face,” she told InStyle. “If you don’t work out, eventually everything drops.” This same logic is true for your face.

Bella Hadid, famous for her sharp bone structure and signature snatched look, is also a devotee. “OK, I've been using @mynuface on set for a while and just had to get one of my own!!!” she told Instagram.

Shani Darden, a celebrity esthetician — known for dealing with famous faces like Jessica Alba — is also a fan:

"I love microcurrent. I think it's the greatest thing," Darden told Into the Gloss in 2017. "The handheld works really well — if you use it. I do it under my eyes and around my mouth every morning to tighten and train the muscles... But you have to commit to it. A lot of people buy them and they just leave them in the drawer. That won't help you."

On top of these effusive testimonials, videos don’t lie. After videos of people using it invaded TikTok, The NuFace I’ve wanted for years recently went viral. Viewers like me consume hours of before-and-after content in which creators show the tool sculpting in real-time.


Nuface, sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, blush instead of sunburn kind of summer😩🤍🤍 I wanted to show quick results I know sometimes the 3 min tutorials can be long to watch! Code is NF-CHEYGREN15 #skincare #nuface #snatched #skincaretips #nyc #beauty #beautytok #PassTheBIC #ComeDanceWithMe #beautytips #summer #spring

The earth-shattering results are what finally convinced me. I took the plunge… After years of waiting and agonizing over my bone structure, my verdict? It's worth all the hype!

At this point, I get up solely to use my NuFace. I look forward to bedtime so that I can use my NuFace. And watching my face transform before my eyes never gets old.

But don’t just take my word for it. If it’s loved by Jennifer Aniston, Miranda Kerr, Kate Hudson, and more … it’s good enough for me and good enough for you, too.

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