Best Menswear Inspired Pieces for Your Winter Wardrobe

Gender is a myth.

Gender is a lie. Phew. What a relief. That means, among other things, that you can dress however you want. If you're thinking about experimenting with your gender expression and adding a little masculinity to your style, good for you, destroy the gender binary one blazer at a time. But where do you start? While shopping in the men's section is a valid option for certain types of clothes, it can be pretty irritating to try to figure out what size you wear in men's clothes and to find clothes that fit your body (hips are so irritating, aren't they?). Luckily, more and more brands are offering menswear inspired women's clothes to solve this very problem.

Double Breasted Reefer Coat—Ralph Lauren

All it takes to look like a glamorous secret agent on a mission in London is this coat. And maybe one of those cars that shoots fire out of the tail pipes.

Buy it here.

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