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Our Favorite Men's Street Style Icons That Everyone Can Replicate

I can respect a well-dressed man on the red carpet. I’ve spoken volumes on Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train looks, Timothee Chalamet’s red jumpsuit, and even Chris Pine’s elevated looks. But does that really say anything about a man’s style?

To me, red carpet style can be a bit of a ruse. I would also look great in borrowed pieces from couture brands, curated by a full team and tailored to fit my body like a glove. Most of the time, our faves have their personal stylists to thank.

Personal stylists are so important. They can make or break your looks — which is why Margot Robbie struggled to serve so often (I’ll never forgive Chanel for what they had her in) and then suddenly became a decked-out Barbie dream this press tour. She switched stylists.

Brands also send thousands of dollars in clothes to high-profile celebrities just so they’ll be photographed in them. To me, at the end of the day, it’s about what the celebrity wears when they’re on an Erewhon run…or going to dinner at Carbone…or shopping.

Celebrities can call the paparazzi on themselves (and I would, too), just to do walk-bys holding staged shopping bags. They use the paparazzi to debut their relationships, get the tabloid talking, and get caught in compromising situations as if they’re off-guard. That’s when I admire their style.

These moments set apart the Paul Mescals of the world — whose personal style is almost-too-well-loved athleticwear — from the Manu Rios’ of the world, who will always have a fit going, red carpet or not.

It’s about the outfit you’d pick out for yourself when you get out of bed in the morning, not your ideal outfit when you know pictures will be taken. The men who dress themselves to impress, always, get extra kudos from me.

Here are my picks for men’s celeb street style icons:

Manu Rios 

Manu Rios, singer and star of the Netflix series Elite, simply knows how to dress. I’m obsessed with his Saint Laurent red carpet looks…but we’re here to talk about his street style.

Down to the leather gloves, this outfit is coordinated with a gray, wool trench coat and a black sweat with an exaggerated collar. This is an outfit literally anyone can achieve, and look great while doing it.

Brooklyn Beckham 

Talented photographer? Maybe not. Good dresser? Definitely. Brooklyn Beckham is a fan of the basics — and he takes them to the next level. You’ll often see him donning a white tee and gold chain. And he knows exactly the right kind of oversized to make it trendy.

Take a note from Beckham’s playbook and invest in a cozy, off-duty heather gray bomber like his. It’s the perfect way to ditch your average hoodie and have a fashionable look on your hands. Dress it up or down, it’s versatile and effective.

Tyler, The Creator 

Every photo in this post is an absolute fit…and while Tyler, The Creator’s style may be a little too avant-garde for you, it serves as a good model. He knows how to make clothes look tailored specifically for his body, which is thanks to cuffing his pants, tucking in loose fronts, and playing with layers.

Men can easily get a Tyler-approved look by throwing a fun printed sweater over a button-down, coordinating your puffer, and cuffing your khakis. Get creative with colors- like combining browns and greens, or wearing a monochromatic moment.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 

The NBA’s best-dressed baller. Fans talk about his “aura” but we’re here to talk about his fashion sense. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is both a risk taker and trendsetter, someone who can lead on the court and the runway.

Seriously, this guy made a bathrobe look like a Versace Winter 2025 piece. It’s about having fun- which is why Gilgeous-Alexander is often photographed in a controversial MSCHF Big Red Boot. Wear something that feels a little out there, almost costume-y, but wear it with confidence and no one will bat an eye.

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