So You’ve Thrown Out Your Irish Spring Bar. Now what?

So You’ve Thrown Out Your Irish Spring Bar. Now what?

Men’s skincare is in. But these days, the basics just don't cut it.

When Brad Pitt (inexplicably) started his own skincare brand, Le Domaine, he credited his ex-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow for teaching him how to wash his face twice a day. Pitt was 31 when they dated. Are we to assume he didn’t wash his face before then? This haunts me.

But that was in 1994. Now, nearly three whole decades later, men have evolved — especially in big cities. Gone is the Irish Spring and 3-in-1 shower gel. Now you can expect to find an Aesop soap bottle in their bathrooms. Will the soap inside be Aesop? That’s a roulette you’ll have to play yourself. But as an anthropological phenomenon, one thing is clear: men’s skincare is in. But these days, the basics aren’t going to cut it.

For two long, an elaborate skincare routine was gendered. But good skin is a universal necessity for an elevated grooming routine. And we’re finally normalizing a multi-step, personalized routine for everyone. Younger male celebrities are sharing their routines — from Taylor Zakhar Perez’s 9-step skincare routine, Niall Horan's 22-step Vogue Secrets video, and Luka Sabbat’s minimalist routine. And with many older male celebrities like Brad Pitt and Pharrell have even launched skincare lines.

Niall Horan's 22-Step Skin and Hair Routine | Beauty Secrets |

While you don’t need to add ten steps to your morning, if you want to step it up, just five extra minutes in the morning and at night can change your skin for the better. Here’s how:

Our guide to understanding your skin

In the cosmos of skincare, there’s no universal rule. The human skin is unique. The cardinal principles guiding your skincare journey should be understanding your skin type and addressing your skin concerns.

Before you buy anything, you need to understand your skin type. More important than using the right products, is not using the wrong products. Simply finding out if you have oily, dry, or combination skin is a game-changer. If you’ve been using the wrong products for your skin type (you probably are), switching them out is the first step to transforming your skin. For example, if you have dry skin and you’ve been using an overly harsh cleanser and neglecting moisturizer, watch how your life changes when you pick products that hydrate your skin.

What are your skin concerns?

If you’re venturing on a skincare journey, you probably have a specific goal in mind. Finally curbing those breakouts, healing scars, preventing razor burn, or just feeling like a grown-up and impressing the other people in your life. Christian Bale in American Psycho was onto one thing, at least. While his character’s goal was to hide in plain sight as a psychopath, yours is probably different. You just have to get clear on what it is, then choose products that address your concerns. No more randomly picking products off the shelf.

Taylor Zakhar Perez’s 9-Step Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s

What order should you layer your products in?

A comprehensive skincare regimen, while highly personal and changeable, all you really need are these 5 essential steps:

1. Cleanser

2. Toner

3. Serum

4. Moisturizer

5. Sunscreen during the day

Then, for an even more elevated routine, you want to mix in face masks every few days and maybe even an eye cream at night if you want to pamper yourself.

Soon, these steps will become second nature. Just make sure you’re picking the right products and you’re good to go.

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