Like Gadgets? This Timeless Cartoon is For You

Like Gadgets? This Timeless Cartoon is For You

Humanity can't seem to get enough of robots. And policemen. And detectives. So what's the happy marriage of all three? It's Inspector Gadget, everyone's favorite cyborg police inspector. He's a little bit clueless, but a lot bit loveable. He has an endless supply of really cool gadgets that he can summon at any moment by yelling "go-go gadget" and the name of the cool tool. (We wish we had this capability.)

Here's the premise: Gadget, his niece Penny, and his dog Brain are minding their own business when the phone rings and there's a mission. Gadget gets his assignment from Chief Quimby and sets out to save the day. And ultimately, he always defeats his arch nemesis, Dr. Claw and his evil organization, M.A.D.

Inspector Gadget did so well that it was adapted into a Disney movie in 1999, starring Matthew Broderick. It was also named as one of IGN's best Animated TV shows in 2009. The show was created by the Italian-French cartoonist, Bruno Bianchi, Andy Heyward and Jean Chalopin and was first produced in France, Canada, the U.S., Taiwan and Japan.

We love Inspector Gadget's hilarious antics and the homage the show pays to Inspector Clouseau and Maxwell Smart. If you're into gadgets, this is your kind of show, and your kind of guy. Check him out, here.

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