The Best Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

The Best Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

There are all kinds of breeds for those fighting allergies

If you struggle with cat allergies but still want a furry friend don't worry. There are all different kinds of cat breeds you can look into, and you aren't just limited to the classic hairless sphynx. Check out these wonderful cat breeds and see if they would work for you!

Before we get into the breeds we should look into what makes these cats hypoallergenic. These breeds produce fewer allergens than other cats but the key word is fewer, not zero! No cat breed is 100% non-allergic. Most people's allergies come from a protein, Fel D1, that is found in cat saliva. Cat's lick themselves clean so the saliva is found on their coat, and once the spit dries and becomes airborne it can be found all over the house. These breeds are easier for allergic owners.

Siberian Forest

These are some big fluffy cats. Long hair and big bodies make these cats quite a deal larger than others. They are very intelligent and usually quite affectionate. They're not as afraid of water as other breeds as well so don't be surprised to find them standing inside of your toilet, like my sister's Siberian Luna likes to do.

Siamese, Balinese, and Javanese

The Siamese are a recognizable breed with a distinctive look. The bright blue eyes and large ears are standard but the coloring can range between light and dark. These cats are outgoing and usually very talkative. These cats love to be surrounded by the people they love. The Balinese and Siamese are cross bred frequently so they are very familiar in appearance.

While the Siamese has short fur the Balinese have longer hair, a fluffier coat, and a big fluffy tail. What's interesting about their hair is that they have minimal shedding. All the fun of a fluffy baby without the clothing covered in cat hair. The personality is similar to it's parent species, the Siamese, with the outgoing and talkative nature.

Another variation of the Siamese breed the Javanese is similar in a lot of ways. They are talkative, loyal to a fault, and expressive in their communication.


Bengal's are more feral than typical cat breeds but they still make for fantastic companions. They are very large and spotted which makes them popular cats for people who want more exotic looking animals. They aren't as cuddly as other breeds but they are incredibly playful and full of energy. They love to play and are great for families who have lots of energy. Bengals are also more water loving that more domesticated breeds.

The Rex and Sphynx

Devon Rex and Cornish Rex both have less fur than other breeds. Their fur is a kind of soft wavy hair. They can be all kinds of colors but all have the distinct large ears, thin faces, and squishy cheeks. The short hair means they get cold easily so they might want a sweater or lay across any heated surface they can find. They are people lovers but definitely know how to entertain themselves with fun and games.

You know the Sphynx! It's that silly hairless cat that most people think is their only option for hypoallergenic cats! All of these breeds are so extroverted they are very close to acting like dogs.

Russian Blue

Russian Blue's are muscular cats with a stunning rich silver grey coat. Their beautiful fur is paired with jewel green eyes and a slightly upturned mouth that forms a smile. My little Russian blue Maisie has lots of energy and loves to play fetch for a ridiculous amount of time. They have a tendency to be startled easily and can be shy but not from the people they know and love.

Hopefully you can find a breed that you love and works for you! There are all kinds of personalities and appearances so you can find everything you're looking for.

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