The Best of Gym Bag Beauty

The Best of Gym Bag Beauty

Pack your gym bag with the best beauty travel buddies. Products with no spills and no leaks, but they're still effective. Now you can fling that bag around no problem.

Solid Face Wash

Solid cleansers are a must if you want to wash your face at the gym. There's zero chance of any leaks so you won't have to worry about any of your clothes getting ruined. Unlike soapy bars which need their own bags, stick cleansers are self contained. You just twist the bottom and the product will rise up enough to massage it onto your skin. The stick cleanser I use and 100% recommend is Neogen's Green Tea Cleanser but the Su:um 37 Miracle Rose Cleanser also has very positive reviews. Lush solid face washes also come in their own portable packages and doesn't have any liquids to spill. They have a large variety to cover different skin concerns.

Solid Shampoo + Conditioner + Soap

The same argument for solid face wash can be made for solid shower materials. You don't want any chance of ruined clothing or wasted product. Lush makes a large array of solid shampoos and conditioners that are different formulas for all kinds of hair. Amazon sells a large variety of solid product options as well if you are interested in exploring new brands. Solid soaps help clean you up and there are more choices than ever thought possible. Go grab a scent and sud that you approve of.

Quick Options

If you don't want to shower but need a quick refresher then pack some facial wipes and dry shampoo in your bag. There are a ton of face wipes on the market so pick one that is formulated to help your skin concerns. Dry shampoo will help pump up deflated hair and absorb excess oil. I use the Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo because it really works that scent is heaven but in France I used the cult favorite Klorane. There are a lot of other cheap alternatives if you don't want to pay too much.


After your shower it's time to re-apply some deodorant. Bring a mini if you are concerned about space! Men's deodorant is usually more powerful as an antiperspirant if you're worried about sweat. If you're more eco-conscious then consider a natural alternative. A lot of companies are developing their own natural deodorants and there are some very popular ones on the market. Agent Nateur is a favorite among celebrities like Emma Watson, Dr. Hauschka has a roll on deodorant that smells like peonies, and there are many more great options are available.

Shower Shoes

Yeah gyms get cleaned frequently but still, there's a lot of people using that shower. Make sure you always have flip flops or sandals to put a barrier between you and everyone else. Shower shoes are cheap and will make a big difference if it helps you avoid any freaky foot fungus. Bring a gallon ziplock bag to stick your shoes in so they don't muck up anything else in your gym bag.

Water Bottles

If you have a bottle that leaks then ditch it! Grab yourself a better bottle that can help you hydrate while working out. Nalgene are the original gym essential but there are more options now if you want a more powerful water bottle. There are insulated bottles to keep your water ice cold. Fun slogans or funky colors to help make you smile and feel motivated. Fruit infusing bottles if you think water tastes gross by itself. Or easy access bottles because drinking water is an important part of any workout.

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