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Grossest Bath Bombs Ever, RANKED

Maybe just avoid bath bombs, in general?

It's no secret that bath bombs are horrible for vaginas.

Many of them contain harmful chemicals that disrupt the pH balance in vaginas, making women more susceptible to infections. While this is now semi-common knowledge among bath enthusiasts, some people still have the audacity to push the limits of what's considered comfort and luxury. The following bath bombs are real and exist in the world, only proving that if you care about your health, you should maybe switch to showers as soon as possible. These are the grossest bath bombs ever.

Lemon Lime Bath Bombs

Because who doesn't want to smell like seltzer water? This disgusting bomb fizzes in your water, turning it green and yellow. Sure, it's a DIY recipe, so chances are you can omit certain harmful chemicals as needed, but the idea of smelling like a mixed drink doesn't appeal to anyone. But hey, it's a great gift for Mother's Day...apparently.

1. KFC Bath Bomb

2. Roast Beef Bath Bomb

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