5 Ways Grammarly Can Make You A Better Writer

The writing assistant is here to show you the way to better prose, not just fix your mistakes.

With everyone spending so much time at home and so much time online, writing is one of the only remaining ways we can express ourselves.

But even if you don't consider yourself a "writer," being able to communicate and express yourself effectively is more critical than ever. Whether it be through tweets, emails, or even blog posts, essential grammar is imperative for those who want to be taken seriously in the digital age. It can sometimes be hard for those who are not writing every day to correctly implement the grammar rules we learned as kids.

While a lot of grammar checkers fix basic spelling and grammar errors, Grammarly remains the only app that actually teaches you better prose and aids in teaching you the tips they're implementing with your text. Need to learn how to be less wordy? Or how to effectively use a semicolon? Here are just a few of the ways Grammarly teaches you better grammar, making it one of the best writing tools on the market.

Clarity Suggestions


Grammarly's "Clarity Suggestions" are just one of the many tools you'll have at your disposal when writing. It cuts down run-on sentences or incoherent ideas by specifically highlighting unnecessary filler words and demonstrating what your sentence would instead look like without them. It's accurate more often than not and will help you say what you mean if you're someone who likes to beat around the bush.

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Weekly Newsletter and Stats


At the end of every week, Grammarly sends along personalized newsletters that review your work from the previous week and make suggestions about how to improve going forward. The email also highlights weekly writing streaks and breaks your grammar mistakes down into percentages. Evaluating accuracy, productivity, and vocabulary, Grammarly takes your work and compares it to other Grammarly users, offering encouraging bouts of motivation on how to keep up the good work.

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Confidence Alerts

Chances are, you're communicating via email more than ever before. Being an effective communicator is everything when wanting to appear professional and trustworthy, so Grammarly offers "Confidence Alerts" to help you cut out filler words and make strong direct statements.

Filler phrases like "I feel like" and "I think" can detract from your message and set the wrong tone in the process. Grammarly works to cut those phrases out and replace them with direct questions and statements. The new tips help you learn how to be a better, more assertive communicator with your boss and co-workers and establish a better tone.

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Formality Tracker

Are you writing an email to a friend or your boss? Is your essay filled with a little too much modern slang? Grammarly offers a formality tracker that you can customize and use before you even start writing. Asking you to describe your intent, your tone, and the domain of the project, Grammarly's advice will be indicative of the boxes you check. The feature is what makes Grammarly's suggestions custom made for you and will make you a better writer no matter your style.

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Correctness Alerts


Of course, what would Grammarly be without their grammar correction services? But their Correctness Alerts don't just fix your bad grammar errors; they show you what you did wrong so that you can nip those bad grammar habits in the bud. Need to figure out where a comma goes? Grammarly can show you? Wanna know if you should swap out your semicolon for a dash? Grammarly can show you why you should or shouldn't.

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