FroliCat automatic laser toy will have your cat in a tailspin

FroliCat automatic laser toy will have your cat in a tailspin

Jumping and chasing has never been this intense

If you own a cat, especially one that is "indoors-only," playtime is not only essential, but it's perfect for some enjoyable human-feline bonding. Cats need plenty of activity and exercise, as well as an outlet to use their instincts and follow their natural "cattish" tendencies.

Balls, catnip, fuzzy mice, strings, feather toys, and the like are fun, but today's cat wants to be hi-tech just like the rest of us. Well, at least that's what the makers of interactive toys like FroliCat want us to believe. Their line of laser pointer-themed gadgets make playtime with Mr. and Mrs. Claws more advanced and action-packed than ever before.

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My husband and I saw how much our cat loved playing with a standard laser pointer, as he chased that little red dot to the point of exhilarated exhaustion. All that running, jumping, and trying to "catch" the dot allowed Louis (the cat's name, not my husband's) to be the "predator" of the household, as he chased his intended prey (little red dot), and used his inborn reflexes and instincts to make his majestic moves with caution and precision. The stealth of a cat on a mission is a sight to be witnessed.

That said, it was time to take this laser obsession up a notch and we invested in FroliCat's Bolt, an automatic laser toy which projects the laser beam from point to point all over the room with a press of a button. The zig-zagged and fast-paced movement allows humans to sit back and watch their cat go nuts. As per FroliCat, "Pets love the random patterns they can chase across the floor, up the walls, and over furniture." Just be sure your cat doesn't destroy the couch! Consider spraying your sofas and chairs with safe-for-cats Claw Withdraw Cat Scratch Spray Deterrent.

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Are you worried if a laser pointer is safe for play with your cat? As per Vet Street, "For many cats, laser pointers are wonderful for getting in a good workout. For indoor cats, especially, pretty much anything that gets a cat moving is a good thing." That said, be sure to never point the laser directly into the cat's eyes and provide a treat or a toy at the end of laser playtime so the cat has resolution to the "chase."

Along with the FroliCat Bolt, the company has a full line of laser toys cats will surely love. After a good cat nap, your cat is ready for action. With FroliCat, your pet will beam with delight!

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