It's Finally That Boot Time Of The Year!

“I don’t need a job, I don't need my parents. I got great boots, boots!” - Rachel, Friends

When the leaves change color and the temperature grows nice and chilly, I get super excited because it’s boots season!

“Florals? For spring.” may be groundbreaking. But Boots for fall is sensational!

Time to excavate the boots pushed to the back of my closet — or stored in my unused oven — and fill up the shoe rack. To say I love my boots is quite the understatement.

According to a study found in the Journal of Research in Personality, a pair of boots can say a lot about a person. Based on footwear, you can differentiate between extroverts and introverts — especially due to wear and tear.

We might wear heels to feel confident at work or something colorful simply to brighten up our day. I’m totally a shoe-aholic — or shall we say boot-aholic because apart from boots I only own sneakers and sandals.

And since I’m a proud, self-proclaimed boot expert, I’ve curated a pair for every occasion — because you can never have too many boots. So, if you’re looking for a great pair of boots, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are my recommendations to get you kicking through the leaves on long autumnal strolls, to dancing the night away in your favorite club:

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Price: $130

Best for: Daily use. On those days when you’ll be walking the equivalent of a mini-marathon, and you just cannot deal with wearing your best heels.

My Thoughts: While walking to work, I can't wear heels because I’m usually running to catch the train. These Mango boots are sturdy, comfy, and stylish — perfect for traversing the city. Plus, the side zipper means I don’t have to undo my laces every time.

Urban Outfitters

Brand:Urban Outfitters

Price: $115

Best for: Rainy days.

My Thoughts: We all need a good rubber boot to keep us dry in the rain. It’s the first pair of boots I ever bought because I cannot stand sopping wet socks. These boots come in both ankle or knee-high styles — I have both, of course — and will keep you dry even during a rainy music festival.

River Island

Brand: River Island

Price: $111

Best for: A night out or whenever you need a confidence boost.

My Thoughts: Every girl needs a pair of beige heel boots — they are incredibly versatile and add a splash to any outfit. Wear it to an office party or a night out with the girls. With a heel height-to-comfort ratio that is just fantastic, these River Island boots are a bargain. And essential to any girl's wardrobe.

River Island

Brand:River Island

Price: $128

Best for: Date night

My Thoughts: Although they aren’t my style, they are red boots and I’m a sucker for any red boots. Red boots are my go to anytime I need to stand out, they add just the right amount of flash. And some studies suggest wearing red makes you look more attractive.



Price: $100

Best for: Brunch or sophisticated dinner parties

My Thoughts: Your boot wardrobe isn’t complete without a pair of knee-high boots. Knee-highs are incredibly versatile, they look terrific with a dress for brunch or a skirt for a more formal occasion. Plus, they’ll make you feel very Miranda Priestly.

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