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The Best Sparkling Waters of 2020

When water just ain't cutting it

Thanks to White Claw and other spiked seltzers' explosive popularity, sparkling water was created and maintained as cool again.

It's not that sparkling water wasn't ever not cool, but with a plethora of brands to choose from, it can be harder to distinguish the high quality from the sub-par. While a wide range of flavors is available, not all of them entirely work, and you may have found yourself this summer indulging in a random brand of sparkling water that you know isn't as fizzy or refreshing as it could be. While you might think it's just carbon dioxide, water, and sugar (with the exception of sparkling mineral water which is natural effervescent from the source) not all carbonated waters are created equal. The endless list of brands out there can be overwhelming, so to make sure you don't ever take a sip of flat water again, here are the five best sparkling waters of 2020.

Wegmans Brand Sparkling Water

Wegmans sparkling water

Those that are in the know understand that Wegmans brand anything is guaranteed to be straight fire, but their sparkling water selection is particularly exceptional. For those who remain skeptical about a grocery store brand seltzer just take our word for it.

Among every flavored sparkling water from the Northeastern chain, the ginger-flavored seltzer is an absolute standout, as well as lemon lime. The satisfying drink fills your entire mouth with dual sensations of fizzy refreshment and bubbly snap. It is definitely worth your time if you consider your self a sparking water connoisseur.

La Croix

La Croix

If you've had an inkling to try any sort of carbonated beverage in the last few years, then chances are a friend told you that you had to try La Croix. The sparkling water brand has taken over the world with its seemingly endless array of real fruit flavors. From coconut to passion fruit, key lime, mango, and even apricot, it's insane that those Wisconsinites haven't run out of fruits.

They also offer a wide range of "blends," from peach-pear to sour blackberry-cucumber. Their key lime is definitely worth a taste for the sparkling water traditionalists, and Passionfruit remains a fan favorite among many La Croix sippers. Regardless, these guys are definitely worth your time.

Schweppes Sparkling Water Beverage


One of the classic OG brands of sparkling water, Schweppes has been around since 1738 and has lasted this long for a reason. Known for their refreshing tonic waters and club sodas, Schweppes has also dabbled in the sparkling water trade with exceptional results.

Whether it be cranberry lime, black cherry, or blackberry, Schweppes flavors are never too overpowering, and each can is packed with carbonation, guaranteeing a crisp, refreshing mouthfeel every time. Not to mention, Schweppes mixes excellently with booze, if you can handle the extra burps.



I don't know about you guys, but for me, Perrier always reminds me of vacation. The brand is everywhere on airplanes and in hotel rooms, and for a good reason. Similar to San Pellegrino, Perrier offers products in glass bottles which just feels higher end and luxurious. Initially labeled as sparkling water with minimal mineral flavoring, the French brand has added a considerable number of natural flavors in recent years.

From Orange to Pink Grapefruit and Strawberry, all their flavors sound and taste like a tropical getaway, which we could all desperately use right now. While Perrier isn't the most carbonated, nor the most flavorful, of sparkling waters, it is a fine refreshing beverage that will scratch that itch if you don't want a sparkling drink that's going to overwhelming you with taste or bubbles.



Pepsi's attempt at curating seltzer water, Bubly, isn't for everyone. The flavor profiles tend to be on the sweeter side due to added sugars, but for those looking for some flavor, their selection is fantastic. The limebubly is a particular highlight, while the mangobubbly tastes cooked and artificial, and the blackberry just tastes okay.

Regardless of what flavor you happen to pick up, Bubly is still very effervescent and carbonated, which helps balance out the soda brand's inevitable sweetness, and once again goes great with clear alcohol.

Bubly Sparkling Water - Try it Tuesday - Beardly

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