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The Best Smart Wallets of 2020

Here are the best smart wallets of 2020, so you will never have to worry about replacing a ratty wallet ever again.

I don't know about you guys, but I wait until my wallet is falling apart before I consider replacing it.

My wallet is merely a vessel to hold my cash and credit cards, right? So it's not imperative that it be in pristine condition. But what if you never had to replace your wallet ever again? Smart wallets are the way of the future. They're sleek and sophisticated and have reinvented the "billfold" style of wallets. Some of them have GPS trackers so you can locate your wallet if it's lost, many of them also offer Bluetooth capabilities, so you can sync with your smartphone. Most importantly: all of them protect your credit cards from thieves who try to steal your data via RFID scanners. Here are the best smart wallets of 2020, so you will never have to worry about replacing a ratty wallet ever again.

Secrid Slim Wallet

Secrid Slim Wallet

If you're in favor for more of a minimalist wallet with a slim design, Secrid Slim Wallet is perfect for you. It holds 4-6 credit cards that pop out immediately at the flick of a switch for fast grabs. With over 50 colors and designs and textures, the wallet is also highly customizable, and is very pretty to look at. Even when maxxed out with 6 credit cards, the wallet still weighs a measly 2.5 ounces. This minimalist design is perfect for anyone who just needs something reliable.

The Voyager Travel Smart Wallet

Voyager Smart Wallet

For those who love to travel and travel often, the Voyager Travel Smart Wallet offers enough room for you to store your passport. It is also incorporated with Chipolo tracking technology, which gives the wallet a "wallet loss alert" and other cool features in case you lose it.

The wallet, which is available in two colors, offer a handful of unique quips such as being able to ring your wallet from your phone or visa versa. It also can act as a selfie remote for your home so you can capture your best angles. It's one of the most versatile smart wallets on the market and is perfect for anyone who is regularly on the move.

The Ekster Parliament

Ekster Parliament

Regarded for years as the best smart wallet on the market, the Ekster Parliament wallet is one of the thinnest available, as it's only one-third of an inch thick. It offers an aluminum housing with RFID for the six cards able to fit inside. The leather bound exterior is also high quality, so that the longer the wallet is worn, the more the Ekster will take on a vintage look, and better amalgamate to the shape of your pocket.

Check it out here!

Bellroy Note Sleeve

Bellroy Note Sleeve

For those who want to keep the look of a traditional wallet, the Bellroy Note Sleeve is a bifold wallet that can hold up to 11 cards, all with RFID protection. It's made with premium tanned leather, and despite it's large size, card storage is slim and sleek just like the others. Available in 8 different colors, the wallet also has a beautiful woven lining design that gives the Bellroy Note Sleeve a rich texture not found in other wallets.

Dango D01 Dapper EDC

Dango wallet

This tactical wallet is a rock solid, highly protected wallet. It can carry up to 4 cards, along with another 8 on the RFID-protected side. It's admittedly not as sleek looking as the others in terms of appearences, but what the Dango lacks in looks it makes up for in durability. It has a silicon band along the outside to hold either cash or business cards, and the aluminium casing protects the wallet from damage. Regardless of it's appearence, the wallet is still only 3/8' thick, so it can easily fit into any pocket without feeling clunky.

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