Relax: Here Are The Best Pajama Sets of 2023

Relax: Here Are The Best Pajama Sets of 2023

There is nothing like a bedtime routine. That sweet, sweet uninterrupted wind-down time where you can finally relax and take a few sacred moments to yourself after a chaotic day. It’s the ultimate exhale. I like to bask in the glory.

Since I don’t get much free time - or alone time - I’m constantly running around during the day. When work gets busy, I don’t have the time to really focus on myself. Then, after work, we are all trying to get errands done before the day’s over. It’s an endless cycle of completing silly little tasks and thinking about what I’m going to cook for dinner.

But there’s something so satisfying about the end of the night, when the house has been cleaned and everything is finished … or pushed aside until tomorrow. It’s “me time.” Perhaps I shower and do my skincare routine. Perhaps I have a glass of wine (or two). Maybe I even sit down with a good book. The point is, it’s my time. And I get to decide.

Whatever your me time consists of, you have nothing else to worry about for at least 10 hours — so do whatever the hell you want! Regardless of your relaxation method of choice, Me Time has a very specific uniform: pajamas.

And while I’ve always been a “egregiously oversized t-shirt and shorts” girl, I’ve decided to invest in some more serious sleepwear. I dream of pajama sets in silks, linens, and satins. And if you’ve noticed, pajama sets are the hottest trend on the market right now.

Having a pajama set dedicated to your nighttime routine can give you the ultimate feeling of calm, cool, and collected. With soft fabrics and billowy fits, a good set of PJ’s can help you wind down after even the most stressful of days.

If you’re looking for the best pajama sets, I’ve been searching high and low for the most luxurious feeling sleepwear out there. Here are the results:

Best Silk Pajamas: Lunya


Lunya makes amazing silk sleep sets for the trendiest of gals. If you want your sleep set to look like you could potentially wear it to brunch, this is the place to go. I’m obsessed with the different styles, cuts, and lengths so everybody can get their ultimate sleep set.

My personal rec? The Washable Silk High Rise Pant Set, with a cropped short-sleeved silk button down and high rise wide leg pants. They’re genuine silk, and washable so you don’t have to worry about ruining them.

Best Hotel Pajamas: Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth

For those who want to feel like they are staying in a five-star hotel, Cozy Earth makes their pajamas from a bamboo stretch knit fabric that rivals the Ritz. The Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajamas are free-flowing and breathable, regulating your temperature so you aren’t overheating at night.

If you’re looking for an elegant take on the classic pajama set, invest in fabrics that won’t suffocate you. Your temperature can vary throughout your sleep, but Cozy Earth uses airy fabrics that feel like heaven.

Best Linen Pajamas: Bed Threads

Bed Threads

Like I said, I understand that there are those who are sweating in their sleep. We’ve all been there in the summertime when you just can’t cool down. Light fabrics like linen are a great equalizer for those who turn into furnaces when they sleep.

Bed Threads has the ultimate linen pajama collection, with a wide range of colors and a guarantee that your threads feel almost nonexistent on your body, but are strong enough to last over time.

Best Party Pajamas: Sleeper


If you’ve been invited to a pajama party, I’m jealous. I would do almost anything to wear my pajamas out on weekends and have it be acceptable. Since we are a bit older now, you may want to stun the crowd with your PJ’s.

There’s no doubt in my mind I’d pick Sleeper’s Pajama Party Set With Detachable Feathers. I know how annoying feathers can be when they fall off in the wash, or sometimes you may not want to wear them….which is why the detachable feather option is innovation that excites.

Best Flannel Pajamas: Serena + Lily

Serena + Lily

The most classic of all pajama sets is the flannel. Think family Christmas cards and the inevitable gift from your grandmother. Plaids, ginghams, and other prints are normally the go-to with flannels, which is why these Serena + Lily pajamas are perfect.

The blue and white gingham print is perfect year-round, but the flannel will keep me warm in the winter months. I can already see myself cozied up in them next to a fire.

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