Mmmaple. The sticky sweet breakfast treat that makes waffles wonderful and French toast fabulous. Drizzled or dunked, when syrup is served, meal time is tastier and seconds are never a second thought. OK, so not every 'syrup' is made of real maple, but the flavor is at the forefront and the sweetness is serious. Check out these Topdust-tested breakfast syrups that will turn your kitchen into a legit pancake house. Your sweet tooth is about to go into overdrive.

Top Sugar-Free: Smucker's Sugar Free Breakfast Syrup

Smucker's Sugar-Free

You probably know Smucker's for their jellies and jams, but when it comes to syrup, particularly their sugar-free variety, this tried-and-true brand is unbelievable. For just 10 calories per serving…and a generous one at that, you'll get all the sweetness you're after without the gut-busting guilt. Choose Smucker's Sugar Free Breakfast Syrup for the feeling of guilt-free indulgence.

Top Organic: Madhava Organic Maple Agave Pancake Syrup

Madhava Organic

Made with the goodness of nature's agave, Madhava Organic Maple Agave Pancake Syrup is a trusted choice when you aim to avoid GMOs and other junk in your diet. The maple-flavor is on point, the sweetness is just right, and since Madhava is a low-glycemic syrup, you won't polish off your pancakes then slump from a sugar crash. For syrup lovers who are organic-only eaters, now you can have your pancake and eat it too!

Top Real Maple: Brandless Maple Syrup – Grade A


No frills, all flavor. Inexpensive yet rich, Brandless Maple Syrup – Grade A is all you can ask for in a classic breakfast syrup. Just one ingredient – organic maple syrup (grade A, no less) – is all your waffles and pancakes need to make your meal an even better way to start the day. The authentic taste goes a long way, so a dribble or two does the trick. But who can really stop at a few drops?

Top Fruit: Harry & David Whole Raspberry Syrup

Harry & David

Go the gourmet route with Harry & David Whole Raspberry Syrup. The fruity-fresh flavor is tart and tangy, balanced by a subtle sweetness you're going to love. This non-traditional syrup is something special, so save it for an anniversary breakfast in bed or a birthday brunch. And don't put that bottle away so fast. Raspberry syrup is also great on fro-yo.

Top Infused: Runamok Cinnamon + Vanilla Infused Organic Maple Syrup


Runamok Cinnamon + Vanilla Infused Organic Maple Syrup will remind you of the scent of cookies baking in the kitchen when you were a child. Runamok uses only the finest ingredients to make every dip decadent. But please, don't fling this stuff on frozen waffles. Only the freshest of flapjacks deserve such a syrup.

So, you're salivating for syrup? Skip the IHOP and taste what Topdust's teasing.