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The Best Cat Harnesses for Your Cat (Who Hates You)

Cats get cagey too, especially with their owners home all the time

In the wake of the encroaching apocalypse, cats unfortunately are spending a lot of time with their manic, anxious owners.

This obviously sucks for them. As an isolated owner during the coronavirus pandemic, you may feel extra desperate for love and affection, but cats need time to themselves, and being cooped up in the apartment all day is doing 0 good for either you or them. Here are some comfy, reliable cat harnesses that you can get delivered right to your door, so you and your feline fur baby can have a change of scenery and get some space.

The Voyager All Weather No Pull Harness

Extremely comfy and full escape proof, the Voyager is the ideal selection if you plan on taking walks with your adult cat. It's plastic buckle secures itself right on your cats back and offers adjustable Velcro to optimize fitting. If, by some wild stretch of the imagination, your cat unbuckles from the harness, the Velcro is sturdy enough to hold the stubborn b**tard in place.

Niteangel 2-Pack of Adjustable Cat Harness & Leash

The Niteangel 2-Pack is a bang for your buck, and comes with one 50-inch-long leash, meaning you can walk two cats as a pair, or have an entire backup harness for your current feline companion. ​It includes a strong plastic buckle just like the Voyager, but for significantly cheaper. You can’t beat it if you’re on a budget this quarantine season.

Kitty Holster Cat Harness

​If you want to give your cat a little style, the Kitty Holster Harness can do just that. Offering a sleek trendy design, its Velcro base ensures safety and comfort, while its colorful pattern makes your cat really pop on the sidewalk.

PUPTEK Adjustable Cat Harness

For more straight-forward cat connoisseurs, the PUPTEK adjustable harness is no frills and all function. Adjustable on both the neck and waist, the D-ring will make your cat feel like they have more room to move around then they actually do, which is always a good thing if/since they hate you.

Bond & Co Donut Print Harness and Leash Set

Now this one is just plain silly and will definitely garner the attention of anyone passing by. Cat friends?

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