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Best Birthday Gifts for Your Quarantined Friends

Birthdays might not be as rambunctious as they once were, but you can still show your bestie that you care.

With all of us being stuck in our homes for the foreseeable future, many of us may have to celebrate our loved ones' birthdays on a laggy FaceTime chat or stiff Zoom call this month.

While that's all well and good, it surely doesn't replace the feeling of a rambunctious night out. Even so, there are still so many ways to show your people that you care. During this scary time, there are a lot of things people will need but won't have the mental, or emotional, capacity to think of. That makes for plenty of thoughtful gift opportunities. Perhaps they've taken up crocheting and need new needles or beautiful yarn. Maybe they're stuck with a roommate who won't shut up and need a good pair of noise canceling headphones. With no end of this lockdown in sight, here are just a few clever gift ideas you can give to those who could use a break.

Harbinger Multi-Gym Sport Bar

Does your friend detest running? Is his only form of exercise the Instagram Push Up Challenge? The Harbinger Multi-Gym Sports bar fits in about any doorway and is perfect for those looking to use quarantine to get a little buffer.

Sims 1-4

It's true that everyone is deep in the world of Animal Crossing, but your friend has always been a rigid traditionalist when it comes to video games. He wants to deal with real people who experience real consequences. He doesn't wanna watch animals have a picnic. Every Sim game is full of an endless amount of world-building and can really help your friend kill time during quarantine.

Soko Glam Best of K-Beauty

Maybe your bestie has decided to take this time to better their skin care routine, or maybe you're realizing that your partner really needs to stop washing their face with dish soap. Either way, Soko Glam offers a well-rounded starter skin care kit that can transform your life.

J. Crew Everyday Cashmere Joggers

Your buddy needs to upgrade their quarantine swagger. Their sole pair of sweatpants are starting to fall apart, and they're baggy and look awful. These Cashmere joggers from J. Crew are comfy, sturdy, and perfect for all types of isolation activities.

Subu Indoor Outdoor Slippers

Your friend never thought to invest in a good pair of slippers, and they always complain about how cold their toes get. Subu offers a great pair of sturdy slippers that can handle both inside and outside terrain. Not to mention they're insulated with plush faux-fur and come in a wide variety of kooky colors.

Breads Bakery Chocolate Babka 3-pack

Passover's coming up, and your bestie can't get upstate this year to spend Sedar with their family. Breads Bakery offers a delicious chocolate Babka 3-pack that is sure to brighten their mood.

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