4/20 essentials

Essential Accessories for 4/20​

Is this your first April 20th?

It only comes once a year, and with April 20th, 2020 being spent in quarantine, it's important that you come prepared for what is about to be a couch-bound, non-stop day of inhaling and exhaling.

While there are many veteran smokers out there, a lot of newbies might be missing out on the expansive range of clever (and effective) cannabis paraphernalia. It's not abut the size of the piece you bring to party, as no number of tokes can quash the need to journey outside for snacks and a few moments in the sunshine. To help you make the most out of your Kushmas, here are a few essential, and funky, toys to help you enjoy your day.

Flower Smoking Human Socks

4/20 socks

No 4/20 is complete without an obnoxious and kaleidoscopic pair of socks. While there are many varieties, these will shock and awe any who see the red-eyed, disturbed flower, inhaling the flesh of a man. It's rather poetic and might actually point towards a deeper conversation about drug use in America. Or they just might be cool socks.

A Doob Tube

Doob Tube

If you're gonna be heading to some obscure hill for a 4:20 inhale on 4/20, then you gotta make sure your paraphernalia makes it there intact. A Doob tube is a discreet and safe way to transport your devil's lettuce-infused cigarette to its destination. Not to mention they're cheap, so who says you need just one?

Key Fob Vape

key fob vaporizer

Maybe smoking indoors isn't your thing, maybe you're a thrill seeker and like to get behind the wheel of a car. For those looking for a discreet, yet sure-fire way to enjoy the holiday, a key fob vaporizer might be perfect for you. It offers three different kind of voltages and takes regular oil cartridges. As it states on the website: "It may not start your car, but it will start your brain, bro."



This is an essential accessory for any city dweller. If you live in a place where smoking a pipe in public may be frowned upon, this effective vaporizer cup may be just what you're looking for. It looks like you're just sipping through a straw, bro!

This Is Your Brain T-Shirt

tye dye t shirt

Another essential piece of 4/20 swagger is always a Tie-Dye shirt. This one helps in showing just how little you care about your brain, which is also a very 4/20 thing to do.

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