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A Full Skincare Routine Of Brands TikTok Hasn’t Told You About

A Full Skincare Routine Of Brands TikTok Hasn’t Told You About

Chances are, if you scroll through your TikTok For You Page for long enough, you’ll come across a girl smearing serums and cleansers on her face. She’s taking you through her elaborate skincare routine and you’re suddenly invested. Scroll even longer, and you’ll notice she’s not the only one.

It’s become one of TikTok’s most popular video trends: the Get Ready With Me. The more established influencers will be getting ready for high-profile events like the Met Gala or an awards show…but those trying to establish a platform will be getting ready for date nights and club outings.

Regardless, there’s one goal for these videos: to show how they achieved their perfect skin. And that’s what makes these videos so enticing, Alix Earle got her start by showing how she covered her acne with makeup, giving the appearance of clear, flawless skin. You want to know how to achieve perfection, even if it takes hours of scrolling and experimenting.

I’m no different. I started my skincare journey during a doom-scroll session post-lockdown, my skin barrier was damaged beyond my knowledge and I needed help. Plus, at 25, I’m no stranger to the woes of adult acne.

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One thing I’ve noticed while developing a skincare routine that works for my skin is that all of the girls on TikTok use the same brands. Sure, Drunk Elephant and Glow Recipe are great skincare brands - but they aren’t the only effective ones on the market.

Maybe it’s their colorful packaging clearly geared towards women - specifically young women - that made these TikTok favorites. But I’m equally confident that you shouldn’t be scared to try a product that isn’t featured on TikTok.

For the past month, I’ve drastically switched up my skincare routine for the sake of this article. I’ve felt like the pioneer of the skincare industry - going beyond the trendy, traditional brands that girls use in their Sephora haul videos and trying out skincare brands that aren’t featured on TikTok.

Since it’s summer, I’m looking for hydration and barrier repair, while drawing out excess oil and buildup in my pores to fight acne. Here’s what I’ve been loving:

CLEANSER: Alpyn Beauty Creamy Bubbling Facial Cleanser with AHA’s

alpyn beauty Creamy Bubbling Cleanser

alpyn beauty

I’ve tried a bunch of cleansers recommended by influencers and friends alike, but nothing seemed to keep my skin clear…until Alpyn Beauty’s cleanser. It has gentle AHAs to draw out oil and buildup, prevent breakouts, and lightly exfoliate without stripping your skin barrier.

It does everything in one bottle: hydrates, protects, and clears up your skin. I’ve seen such a huge difference since using it, and when I stop using it my skin has a panic attack.

TONER: Soft Services Clearing Mist Medicated Breakout Tonic

Soft Services Clearing Mist

Soft Services

Soft Services is for everybody, literally. Dedicated to fighting body acne and clearing up skin that isn’t on your face, it’s one of the only brands I’ve seen solely trying to fight common issues like bacne. However, I’m using their Clearing Mist allll over.

With 10% Salicylic Acid, this mist will clear up even the most stubborn of skin. I spray it all over my body after washing my face and it’s made such a difference. Although I don’t currently struggle with body acne, I’m confident in their abilities.

SERUM: RANAVAT Brightening Saffron Serum

RANAVAT Brightening Saffron Serum


In the summer, I don’t like to go too heavy on the serums. They can just cause excessive buildup on my skin that I don’t need. So, I stick to a brightening serum that will get rid of discoloration, help even out my skin tone, and gives me a glow that isn’t reminiscent of sweat. The RANAVAT Brightening Saffron Serum is award-winning and luxe, the perfect serum for the summer.

MOISTURIZER: Alpyn Beauty Vitamin C Face Cream

alpyn beauty Triple-C Brightening Bounce Cream

alpyn beauty

If you’re looking for a moisturizer that is almost a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, look no further. Alpyn Beauty’s moisturizer is special - with Vitamin C as a main ingredient to fight signs of aging, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles while brightening your skin’s surface. It’s luxe like a cream but light on your skin like a gel.

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