A durable and portable standing desk under $40

A durable and portable standing desk under $40

It's not healthy to sit all day but standing desks as so expensive.

In the name of ergonomics, so many people advocate a standing desk. You can stand and work, save your posture and your health all at the same time. The problem is quality standing desks can be pretty pricey and there are few lacking affordable alternatives. However, there is one product that will prevent you from stacking up a bunch of books or boxes haphazardly on your desk. It's the Levit8.

The product is billed as “the first truly portable standing desk." And that is completely true. The design is elegant, simple and durable. The Levit8 is based on origami folding that allows it to fold down to a manageable size for portability. This same origami fold allows it to hold more than 20 times its weight. So it can hold your laptop easily.

The best part is the price. For only $32, you can have your own portable standing desk. That's a far, far cry from the expensive $200 stationary rigs you can find on Amazon.

I've had my Levit8 for about a month now and I am completely in love. All of the sales pitches are 100 percent correct. The Levit8 is sturdy and stain proof. I use it to stand at my desk for hours at a time with no problem. Sometimes I'll even leave my laptop on top of it overnight. The product has shown no sign of weakness even with heavy use.

The Levit8 is thin enough to slide into my bag when I go out. It only takes three seconds to set it up and take it down. Because of this product, I actually enjoy standing for hours at a time while I'm working. I usually get antsy sitting down at a desk all day. Having the option to stand up whenever I want has really helped improve my productivity. And I always get plenty of compliments on this stylish office gadget.

Setting the Levit8 up for the first time is a little more difficult than the video shows. The material is pretty stiff when you first take it out of the box. It took me several tries to get the Levit8 into the correct position. But once I collapsed and re-opened it a few times, it was no longer an issue. You just have to break in the bendable parts a little.

If you do end up purchasing one, make sure it's the correct size for your height. The Levit8 comes in four sizes that are suitable for heights from 5 feet and some inches to 6 feet and two inches. This is important to achieve the ergonomic effect. You want your arms to rest at 90 degree angles while you're typing on your keyboard.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the quality and durability of this product. I use my Levit8 every day (I'm even using it as I write this). It is the perfect economical solution for anyone looking for a standing desk.

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