5 Reasons Women Everywhere Are Choosing Honeylove

5 Reasons Women Everywhere Are Choosing Honeylove

Have you recently felt like there wasn’t anything in your closet you looked amazing in?

First and foremost, you’re not alone. Most of us were in that boat until one of our style editors came across Honeylove and their fantastic Sculptwear collection.

Honeylove is reimagining shapewear and aims to help women everywhere feel confident in their skin without sacrificing comfort. They deliver iconic Sculptwear items that accentuate your curves and help you look your absolute best.

Here are 5 reasons women everywhere are switching to Honeylove:

Quality & Comfort

Honeylove is miles above other shapewear brands we've tried - think Spanx, think SKIMS. Not only are they the most comfortable - thanks to high-quality fabrics - but it's made to stay up.

Yes, their shapewear actually stops the dreaded roll-down in its tracks. Honeylove items incorporate a special feature called SoftFlex - flexible structures hidden in the side seams of the waist that hold the garment up. This feature truly stands the test of time unlike the sticky rubber bands that other brands use that ultimately lose their grip.


Honeylove prices are amazing! Brands like SKIMS and Spanx generally start at $180+ for their shapewear, but Honeylove’s top-tier quality Sculptwear ranges from only $79 - $89. So, no need to break the bank to feel confident and sexy!

Not to mention everything is made to last, so this is a brand worth investing in.


Honeylove offers everything from bras to tops and bodysuits, and everything features their durable Sculptwear tech. Fan favorites include the Crossover Bra, LiftWear Tank, SuperPower Thong, and Cami Bodysuit. You can wear Honeylove all day long thanks to the variety of cuts and styles that can carry you through a day at the office through dancing the night away.

Honeylove’s Sculptwear collection comes in stunning nude shades like Rose Tan and Mocha, plus vibrant colors like Sea Glass and Peony.


Honeylove is all about loving your body, no matter the form. Their sizes range from XS to 3X.

Not sure what will fit?

To find your perfect fit, simply enter your hip, waist, and thigh measurements into their accurate sizing quiz. If your order doesn't fit to a T, there’s a 30-day hassle-free returns policy.

Intensive Testing

Unlike so many other shapewear brands, Honeylove is transparent about its products. Their pieces undergo rigorous testing for 1-2 years and use real women to ensure it's super comfortable. They don’t skip a single step and source the softest, most durable performance fabrics.

Honeylove is by far the most comfortable sculptwear/shapewear we've ever tried. It has all of our style editors feeling confident and hot. We can’t get enough of this amazing brand! Try Honeylove today and embrace your sexy!

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