The Truth Behind Youfoodz Meals Revealed

The Truth Behind Youfoodz Meals Revealed

I recently got promoted, which is excellent, but that also means my schedule is busier than ever. And I had to say goodbye to my convenient, cozy home office and welcome my company’s desk back into my life – yikes!

My biggest struggle being back at the office has been my eating habits. I usually skip breakfast, grab some leftovers or sandwich during my lunch break, and order takeaway after coming home exhausted. I just don’t have time to cook, and honestly, I don’t want to either! I’d rather spend my time off watching TV or reading a good book instead of running to the supermarket, prepping, cooking, and having to clean up all that mess afterward.

However, something needed to change for my health ( and my bank account!). Especially when I saw my work colleague pull a delicious-smelling Honey Mustard Chickenwith Garlic Veggies meal out of the microwave. He told me he’d recently subscribed to Youfoodz: healthy, ready-made meals that ship right to his door – amazing!

Even though the meal looked truly mouth-watering, I doubted it was fresh. I was sure it was probably some chemical-packed, frozen, overly expensive something... until I talked to my workmate.

Turns out their meals are delivered fresh – never frozen. When I went on their website to find out more information I discovered that Youfoodz offers nutritionally-balanced lunches and dinners with top-quality protein, carbohydrates, veggies, and healthy fats, carefully endorsed by a dietitian.

Fresh & nutritious ready meals delivered to you
Just heat, eat, and enjoy.

Sign up today and enjoy meals from just $5.49

And to my surprise, Youfoodz is not expensive at all. Their meals start at $8.49 per serving (or $5.49 with their introductory offer), which is sooo affordable.

When I discovered that their plans were no-lock-in and completely flexible, I had to try it. At the end of the day, it could be my solution to eating healthy without the hassle of cooking.

I chose the Everyday Healthy Plan with 12 meals per week. With their discount, it came down to only $5.99 per meal ! I picked my favourite meals from their weekly changing menu. They had tons of options!

My box arrived on time, and I couldn’t wait to try my first Youfoodz meal. So I popped the Beef Chilli Con Carnewith Spiced Mexi Rice in the microwave and in a few minutes – done – zero preparation necessary!

It smelled so good, and the first bite was heavenly. The spiced rice with sour cream gave me the most authentic experience. I couldn’t get enough of it. And let me tell you, it kept me full for hours.

The rest of the meals were just as impressive. Every day, I packed one for lunch to bring to work and enjoyed another one for dinner at home. My absolute favourite dish was the Creamy Chicken Carbonara with slicedHam & Mushrooms. Eating healthy, nutritious meals couldn’t be any tastier!

I can confidently say that Youfoodz is the solution for busy professionals like myself looking for a way to improve their eating habits. It’s nutritious, convenient, and affordable — not to mention that their meals taste next level. Plus, they offer such a wide variety of cuisines from all around the world that you’ll never get bored.

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