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5 Things I Was Surprised To Learn About Xfinity

Many of us were able to save a good chunk of our earnings last year, but now that things are returning to normal my budget is getting thrown out the window.

I definitely did not want to stop going out for drinks and dinner with friends who I hadn't seen in ages, so I had to cut back elsewhere. I couldn't turn off my subscriptions, internet, or home alarm… but what if I could get it all under one roof? For less, even?

I asked my friends about their internet providers and one swore by Xfinityas the best. I took a look into it and saw how much I could benefit from it before diving in. Here's what I was surprised to learn.


Xfinity is one of the fastest at-home internet providers and costs only $70.00 per month (prices change according to location) for the first 24 months for Gigabit speeds. That's already a good deal less than I was already paying.

No Contract

Unlike other internet bundles which have complicated contracts with hidden terms and conditions saying " you need to pay a fee if you cancel your contract," Xfinitydoes not make its users sign a contract - you are not held to your deal and can cancel anytime.

Superfast Internt Provider
Seamless Transition, They Take Care Of Everything
Work From Home Like A Pro With Xfinity

Superfast Internet

Xfinity's download speeds are up to 1 Gig—that's 1200 Mbps. Their internet has a fast speed and a reliable connection. You don't need to worry about staring at a screen waiting for it to load anymore! The included XFi app allows you to control your internet anywhere and the Xfinity internet works via a network of hotspots provided by Comcast.

Great Bundles

Xfinity is not just the internet - they offer free TV shows and movies on the go, unlimited talk and text plans for your phone, and a total home security solution.


  • Xfinityhas everything you need for your digital home - X1 DVR, the X1 Voice Remote, online security, and millions of WiFi hotspots nationwide. Their add-on TV packages give you over 260+ channels and an app that allows you to watch entertainment on the go.
  • Phone options allow you to customize international calling.
  • Xfinity also allows you to control your home alarm along with a battery and cellular backup among many others.

Seamless Process

Xfinity has an easy setup process and a modern router and their starter kit comes with everything you need, including easy set-up instructions. The process is two steps - just connect, then activate! You don't need any tools and if you get stuck along the way, their online guide has all your answers.

Xfinity has the answers to all my digital problems, with everything under one roof. I could not just save money, but I knew how everything worked. It was easy to use and their super-speed internet made Zoom calls ten times better. There was no more buffering every five minutes or a delay in my voice. I can also call internationally and I know my home is safe and protected.

Xfinity is amazing, you should give it a try!

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