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I Thought Buying Wine Online Was Crazy Until I Tried Wine Access

Who doesn't love wine? A nice bottle at the end of a long week (and a glass here and there mid-week) is what I look forward to most. I have a pretty decent knowledge base when it comes to vino, but I'm always looking to expand it and discover new and rare wines that I can fall in love with.

My friends take wine as seriously as I do, and when one of them told me that they buy their bottles online, I thought it was a little odd. How do you know what to buy? What if the bottle breaks?

He went on to tell me that Wine Access is different - their selection houses some of the most coveted, exceptional bottles from top vineyards, as well as wines from lesser-known regions that you'd never be able to find at your local store. Sounds great, but honestly, ordering your wine online sounded a little lazy to me. But after checking out the Wine Access site, I was surprised to learn these four things:

Daily Deals! Once you sign up, Wine Access notifies you each day of discounted limited edition bottles that you can grab before they are gone.

Incredible and unique wines are sourced from small vineyards around the world. Wine Access makes them accessible for a great price.

Exclusive selection! Experts and master sommeliers evaluate every bottle that makes it to the site. Only 1 in every 18 bottles makes the cut!

Exceptionally detailed taste description and food pairing suggestions! You'll also learn the amazing story behind each and every bottle.

Wow. I didn't think wine could get any better, but now I can spend time relaxing and reading about the story of the bottle, figuring what I'll cook to compliment it. The wines I ordered from Wine Access have been some of the best bottles I've ever tasted, and I've gotten incredible deals. My local wine store never had such a diverse selection, and I've recommended it to my friends trying to up their wine game- the site has something for everyone.

In addition to their bottle shop, they also offer a club that sends you 6 bottles of reserve wine, 4 times a year, all shipped in climate-controlled boxes. I couldn't resist, what's better than having wine delivered right to your door? Thanks to Wine Access, I'm now the sommelier of my friend group!

Special Offer: Wine Access is offering our readers a special discount on select wines this week. Click here to browse the selection.

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