WIN Reality – The Best Gift for Baseball Lovers This Season

WIN Reality – The Best Gift for Baseball Lovers This Season

The holiday season is here once again, which means colder temperatures are heading our way and the kids will be stuck inside all winter. If you’re an avid baseball dad like me, you might worry this will limit your child’s access to training. But what if you could bring home plate inside your home?

Enter WIN Reality— a virtual reality (VR) baseball training tool that allows athletes to practice anywhere, anytime. For the past few months my son Dylan has been loving this app and making serious progress. He loves Exhibition Mode which allows him to take real swings and play real baseball. However, WIN also features pro ready workouts and drills, unlimited pitches, and competitive virtual games.

If you already own an Oculus Quest 2 or are considering the Quest 3 this holiday season, WIN Reality is a must-have app for any baseball player — and the ultimate gift for the kid in your life who’s aiming to put in the work this offseason.

For this holiday season, WIN Reality’s offering new users a free short bat or bat attachment. There’s no better time than right now to get started and save on next year’s equipment.

Why Virtual Reality Is Ideal For Baseball Training:

Players know the painful sting that comes with hitting a fastball off the handle during these colder months. Batting cages used to be our only option for practice in the offseason, but when factoring in the price per pitch, traffic and inclement weather it simply is not sustainable to get reps in on a daily basis.

WIN Reality‘s VR tech solves these issues once and for all. Simply clear some space, put on your headset and grab your bat. And bingo — practice realistic swings in the comfort of your own home. So, Dylan can pack in valuable practice time after dinner, over the weekend or even for just a quick 15 mins while he is waiting for the family to get ready. The app’s training programs are geared toward honing a variety of baseball skills that translate to real-world results.

Why This App Makes A Great Gift:

With a library of 600+ pitchers each with their own mix of pitches that come at you from 40-100+ mph, WIN Reality has endless options for athletes of all skill levels. This variety allows players to practice real-game situational hitting as they prepare for a big game or fulfill their dream of hitting a walkoff homerun in the bottom of the ninth! Players can also choose to drill any type of pitch such as a high fastball, low curveball, lefty sliders, or all at once for a real game feel. With their Live Pitch mobile app, a coach, parent or friend can use their phone to deliver a variety of pitches in real-time, simulating an unpredictable game situation and growing situational awareness. All of these settings make the experience in the box much closer to the in-game feel that you simply cannot replicate from a batting cage (or even throwing BP with my bum shoulder).

WIN Reality isn’t just like normal batting practice either. You can hone skills like pitch recognition, plate discipline, and reaction time with customized game modes and drills. The app automatically tracks your swing data, so you know precisely how your game’s holding up.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Exhibition Mode because it replicates an actual game setting with a full field of AI players and a packed stadium! And Dylan’s favorite mode is Rocket City where players compete on a live leaderboard to see who can score the most points in a homerun derby style game.

If you lack coaching skills or if you’re unsure exactly what your kid should work on, WIN has advanced 1-1 coaching sessions with former pro players. These coaches analyze your in-app data and tailor a personalized training plan to fit your needs.

Does It Actually Work?

Sure, WIN Reality’sfeatures are awesome, but do they lead to tangible progress in the real world? I’m stoked because Dylan’s hitting IQ dramatically improved and his confidence level over the plate is through the roof! And, honestly, that confidence is showing in everyday life as well.

Countless amateur and professional players are using WIN to level up their game — Here are 3 statistics why:

  1. WIN Reality helps players acquire skills 7 times faster than traditional training methods alone
  2. 97% of WIN Reality users surveyed felt better prepared for high-pressure game situations
  3. Teams that train with WIN Reality average a 23% increase in their winning percentage

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to baseball training WIN Reality is an absolute game-changer. With features such as unlimited pitches, competitive game modes, specific skill trainings, and 1-1 coaching– WIN Reality should be on every baseball player’s wish list.

My favorite part of the festive season is always the holiday savings. And with WIN’s free short bat or bat attachment deal, now is the perfect time to start upgrading your training this offseason.

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