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WildPastures’ Changed The Way I Eat Meat

At some point in my late twenties, I started noticing what I ate affected how I was feeling during my day. Late-night pizza left me bloated, and my mid-day snacks were increasing my salt and sugar intake. Now that I'm older, I knew I had to start taking care of not only myself but my family as well. No more overly processed snacks and low-quality meat and ingredients

I don't want my children and partner to put poorly raised meat into their bodies, but finding better, more ethical meat is easier said than done.

Tired of driving to 3 different grocery stores to find decent cuts of meat, an online search led me to Wild Pastures, a subscription delivery service devoted to making higher-quality, ethically sourced meat a lot more accessible. Wild Pastures sends 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised meats right to your doorstep for a great price. Their meats are ethically and sustainably raised and sourced from local family farms.

With so much going on nowadays, not having to go to the grocery store to pick out my meat is a lifesaver. I looked through their website and was relieved to see how transparent they are about how their product is produced, sourced, and prepared. Plus, the zero-waste policy, where they make every effort to optimize the use of the entire animal sold the deal. I love that everything is domestically sourced, meaning local farmers would get the business they deserve.

The terms used today, especially for chicken, "cage-free" or "free-range", are misleading because these only mean the animal was not kept in a cage and had the ability to go outside. Basically, these terms sound nice and make us feel a little better, but in reality, the chickens do not grow up or live how they naturally would.

Signing up was easy, I joined the cub and selected my cuts of meat. The membership plan is $79 a year and it includes free shipping, 25-40% savings on pasture-raised meats and a 365-day money-back guarantee. Delivery is available in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Utah, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Iowa and parts of New Mexico.

If you are hesitant to sign up for the whole year, they also have a month-to-month subscription option. They have three boxes that you can choose from and what meat you get is entirely up to you. There is the $89 box which has 10-12lbs in 20-8 ounce servings, a $178 box- with 20-21lbs of 40-8 ounce servings and a $267 box which has 30-31lbs of 60-8 ounce servings.

I have been a member of Wild Pastures for a few months now and the whole family loves eating grass-fed meat reduces the inflammation within the body because you are not ingesting low-quality meat raised on grain diets. I definitely feel the difference-- I don't feel as sluggish as I used after eating meat.

Even my partner, who loves meat, comments how much he has enjoyed this change. He likes the rich, deep flavor profile and appreciates how it impacts the environment as little as possible. Wild Pastures' animals rotate pastures how they would naturally occur, so they do not need to use fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics on their land and animals.

Wild Pastures' grass-fed meat has elevated our meal times: it's healthier, tastier and definitely worth the price. I feel better not only physically, but ethically when shopping for animal products. With personal customization on the amount and frequency of meat, plus, the added benefit of knowing that you're putting something healthy in your body is amazing. If you haven't tried Wild Pastures yet, you definitely should!

2 Pounds Of Free Meat Per Month For Life!

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