All Your Questions About Natural Deordorant Answered Here!

All Your Questions About Natural Deordorant Answered Here!

We have all heard of the clean beauty movement when it comes to makeup, skincare and haircare. But what about all the other products we put on our bodies every single day without a second thought about what's really in them?

We started to really think about this when we heard about natural deodorants. We rub this stick or spray our underarms every day with chemicals, and why? Just like our faces, we need to make sure we aren't absorbing harmful chemicals into our skin.

Once we decided to try a natural deodorant, we learnt about the transition period when you switch from traditional store-bought. We knew we had to give it a week or two to really know if it worked. But with so few on the market there wasn't a lot to choose from.

Then we heard about Wild, the natural deodorant that apparently pulls through on everything. So we had to try it. Turns out their solid 4.8 review score on Trustpilot is true. It works (even on gym days), it smells amazing, it has zero harmful ingredients, it doesn't harm the planet and it gets delivered to your door.

But like everything new we still had some questions;

What makes Wilds natural deodorant better?

Natural deodorant is better than it's traditional counterparts in just about every way you can think of. The shop-bought deodorant we've been wearing since our mums used to buy it for us is full of harmful ingredients that are not good for our health. Like our mums, we just didn't know, but now we do. Wild doesn't use any of these synthetic chemicals, aluminium, parabens or sulphates. Instead, they use alternative natural ingredients from nature to keep you dry and smelling fresh all day long.

What kind of ingredients does it have?

Wild natural deodorant is a blend of essential oils, PH levellers, moisturising natural oils, active naturals, hydrating agents and so much more. Wild lists all their ingredients online along with what each does exactly. All the ingredients are truly sourced from nature and plants. Like Tapioca Starch which is extracted from the roots of the cassava plant that absorbs moisture and keeps your armpits dry, along with Cacoa seed butter which slows the loss of water from the skin by forming a barrier on the skin's surface.

How do the refills work?

Wild wants their deodorant to be good to you and the planet. One way they do this is offering refills. On your first order, you can choose between four different coloured reusable aluminium cases that you can use forever. Then you choose which refillable scent deodorant you want, which slots perfectly into your aluminium case. Its twistable base pushes up the refill, which can be retracted after use. No waste and the refills are 100% plastic-free and compostable. They are made from bamboo pulp which is widely recyclable and can be recycled at home alongside any paper or card. They are also fit for home composting.

Is it expensive?

Considering what you currently spend on deodorant that isn't good for you, Wild is really affordable. The aluminium case is £7 with your first order and each refill is priced at £6 each for a one time purchase or £5 when you subscribe.

Wilds subscription service saves you money and it means your refills get shipped to your door at the frequency you need them so you never run out. They ship 3 refills at a time to minimise packaging and each refill should last a month so that's 3 months of deodorant for only £15. That's a bargain to us for a natural deodorant that works and looks good in a sleek reusable case.

How does it help the environment?

Wildis the world's first zero-plastic deodorant refill. It's made from plants, packaged in plants and can be composted down to feed new plants! It's vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, dermatologically tested and free from artificial fragrance, parabens, aluminium and sulfates. That means it's good for you and the planet, and their refills are convenient for you and even better the planet. They also contribute a percentage of sales to the climate charity 'On A Mission', to support their reforestation projects.

What kind of scents does it come in?

Coconut dreams, Orange Zest, Bergamot Rituals, Mint Fresh and Rose Blush are all of their current scents. They even have a guide online to help guide you through the scents. Each scent is subtle and refreshing.

We try new deodorants all the time, so this time why not make the best switch to Wild natural deodorant. It might just be the last time you switch.

Update: Wild is offering our readers 10% OFF their order with code: TOPDUST10

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