Why You Need To Use Vacasa To Help Manage Your Vacation Home

Why You Need To Use Vacasa To Help Manage Your Vacation Home

We all have dreams of owning more than one home. Whether it’s been passed down for generations and filled with childhood memories or a new house that was bought after saving, who wouldn’t want to own a vacation home to escape to? Let’s face it, not many people can resist watching sunsets, listening to the chirping birds, and relaxing while sipping on a drink.

It could also be a great investment - which can be a challenge. All the efforts of advertising, cleaning and accommodating guests can be a lot to handle.

Instead of taking it all on by yourself, there’s the option to use a service provider like Vacasa, a full-service vacation rental management company.

We know a number of you might’ve heard horror stories from other vacation rental services, but here are 5 things we were surprised to learn about Vacasa:

Vacasa takes care of everything from listing the property and taking bookings to cleaning, coordinating maintenance and repairs after guests check out. There is nothing you need to worry about apart from the owner responsibilities which are under the contract! All these essentials are included at no additional cost to owners beyond the management fee.

Vacasa customizes your home’s nightly rates to meet market demand, taking into account factors like local events, weather, and seasonality. Additionally, homeowners who switch to Vacasa earn an average of 20% more per year than they did with another management company.*

Signing up with Vacasa gives you access to a personalized online account, where you can see your full reservation calendar and book your own vacation time. You can even see how much your home is earning in real-time.

The Vacasa team handles all marketing. They ensure your home will shine by setting up an eye-catching listing, complete with a 3D home tour and high-resolution photography. They also take care of targeted advertising through email, search engines, social media platforms, and more.

Vacasa provides 24/7 guest support, so you’ll never have to take late-night calls from worried guests or field questions about the Wi-Fi password.

Vacasaactually handles everything! From managing bookings to coordinating maintenance—they even help out with local sales and lodging tax documents where allowed (which we know can be a pain).

When you reach out to the Vacasa Homeowner Consultant team on their website, they’ll assess whether or not your home is a good fit and all of the key services Vacasa covers. Once you sign up, onboarding is easy. The best part is that you’re still in complete control of your vacation home– when it rents, when it doesn’t is totally up to you!

They manage all types of homes, from ski chalets to lake houses and beachfront bungalows. Vacasa doesn’t limit how often you stay, as long as you work around any existing guest reservations. If you want to visit for your own family vacation, you only need to book the time in the online account.

Your house can be someone’s dream vacation and the Vacasa team is always ready to help. If you own a vacation home that you don’t use enough, check out Vacasa and see how they can help your home reach its full potential.

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*Reflects same store basis; Before Vacasa vs. After Vacasa metrics based on portfolio additions with an onboarding date from August 1, 2017 - January 1, 2019 and 12 months of history leading up to onboarding and at least 12 months of management by Vacasa after onboarding