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Think Outside The Bach - Why We Love Simply Piano

Besides the cool factor, learning the piano can be an exceptional way to improve your memory and increase your focus, creativity, and diligence.

With so many benefits, it makes sense that people of all ages, at various skill levels are looking for new ways to master the ivory keys which is where Simply Piano comes in.

Simply Piano is an immersive learning app that offers easy-to-follow tutorials that guide users step-by-step, teaching them rhythm, technique, chords, playing with both hands, and much more.

Before we put our stamp of approval on Simply Piano, we had three of our editors try the app. Here are their takes on the app and their favorite features:

The Second Timer

Favorite Feature: App pacing


I'm so busy it's been a few years since I last attempted to learn piano.

With Simply Piano, I can learn at times that are convenient to me, at my own pace, and continually adjust the speed of my progress. This is great for the days I'm limited on practice time. Even better, unlike other learning apps I've tried, I never receive those pesky notifications pressuring me to practice more than I can.

I love that Simply Piano has been designed for all experience levels, so there's no need to panic when I forget a chord or technique. At the same time, the app lets learners opt-out of levels they already know. So I never have to sit through a lesson and relearning something I aced weeks earlier. From the step-by-step instructions to the convenience, Simply Piano has reignited my passion for music.

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The Proud Parent

Favorite Feature: Interactive gamification


Between online school, Youtube, and video games, my kids are always stuck to their screens. I'm sure I'm not the only parent who's concerned with how much screen time my kids rack up each week.

When both of my kids expressed interest in learning to play piano, I almost jumped for joy at the idea of them going to an instructor's studio versus opting for yet another round of their favorite game.

Unfortunately, given their schedules, we just couldn't fit in-person lessons into the equation. Besides, I couldn't find a program that truly captured their attention.

When I reluctantly mentioned Simply Piano to my kids, they wasted no time downloading the app. Within a few minutes, my computer whiz and avid gamer were both already set up and starting their first lessons.

I was surprised at how Simply Piano holds their complete attention while motivating them to practice so they advance to the next level - just like their favorite games! The gamification has to be my favorite aspect. Since they're on electronic devices 24/7 anyway, I can at least stop worrying about passive brain rot.

I'm already proud of my kids and all they do, but I'm excited to start bragging about their progress.

An Aspiring Musician

Favorite Feature: Popular practice music


I've been playing the keyboard on and off for years now but haven't reached what I feel is my full potential. Being forced to play stuffy classical music was what always stopped me from getting better in school.

Right off the bat, it's just so amazing that Simply Piano has over 1,000 songs! Close to half are radio-friendly songs like Chandelier, Imagine, Counting Stars, All of Me, and so many more.

These are the kind of songs I'd perform at an open mic or talent showcase. I'm thrilled that I can add so many songs by my favorite artists to my repertoire. Knowing I can learn to master the songs I already love truly inspires me to keep going.

No matter if you've carved out more free time to pick up a beloved hobby, you're a parent looking for productive activities for your kids, or you dream of playing at Madison Square Garden, Simply Piano has a lesson for you.

If you're interested in becoming a piano maestro or just looking to pick up a few extra tips and tricks, download Simply Piano and start your musical journey today!

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