Why Mack Weldon's Ace Sweats Are The Best Sweatpants You Can Wear This Season

Why Mack Weldon's Ace Sweats Are The Best Sweatpants You Can Wear This Season

I would live in sweatpants if I could, but that would not fly with my girlfriend. I wear sweats to the gym, to run errands, and to just lounge around the house, but they're getting old, don't look too presentable, and really don't do anything for my style. I have a buddy who personifies that relaxed professional look so well and he has been wearing these new sweats constantly. They look pretty good but what sweats could really be more comfortable than my old worn-out ones? He told me I had to try Mack Weldon.

The name Mack Weldon sounded familiar to me so I did a quick search. They got rave reviews in GQ, Men'sFitness, and Business Insider. Once on the Mack Weldon site, I learned they are focused on reinventing basics by putting more effort in using quality, cutting-edge materials. This was awesome for me, considering that the whole reason I love my sweats is because I love the comfort, but I'm not too keen on how quickly they wear out. I checked out Mack Weldon's Ace sweats and noticed they were the exact pair my buddy has and wears all the time. They claim these are sweatpants with a grown-up makeover and can be worn everywhere. Sounds good to me. The price was definitely a little steep at $78, but they offer free-shipping at $50 and if you round out your order to $100, they automatically give you 10% off. I decided to throw in a pair of boxer briefs to get that discount.

The package arrived that weekend. I think my girlfriend, Melissa, was more excited than I was. She urged me to open the box and try them on right away. I immediately knew I was going to love these sweats the moment I touched them. They were super soft. Mack Weldon uses that French Terry material used in those extra soft sweatshirts we all love but they take it a step further and use a micro-sanding technique, which literally means small pieces of sandpaper rub the fabric to make it even softer. I ordered their Grey Heather color because grey has always been my go-to for sweats. They did have about 7 other color options ranging from Midnight Blue to Duffle Bag Green but I decided to play it safe and just go with my signature color. The cut was definitely skinnier than I am used to and it actually made me hesitate a bit to try them, but Melissa insisted that I put them on instantly (mostly because she wanted my current pair in the trash ASAP). To my surprise they looked good. Like really good. Melissa approved and said, and I quote, "you can wear them wherever, whenever and I won't complain." They didn't look anything like my college sweats and they felt even better. That's a win-win in my book. These are definitely the sweatpants someone my age is supposed to wear.

So far, I've worn my new Mack Weldon sweats to do everything I used to do in my old sweats - gym, errands, walk the dog - plus so much more. I've been out to lunch with Melissa in them and even wore them to a concert with my friends. I'm finally able to wear my sweats almost anywhere which is what I've always wanted. The design of these sweats have turned out to be super practical, too. They have stealth pockets with zippers so I don't have to ever worry about my wallet or phone slipping out again. Even though I was skeptical about buying a pair of sweats for $78, Mack Weldon's line of sweats has put all others to shame. I will be ordering two more pairs, the Total Eclipse Blue, which is like a navy, and their brand new True Black. Mack Weldon sweats have become my go-to pants. It's worth it to me to have clothes that fit well and will actually last.

Update:Follow this link to automatically become a Mack Weldon member after your first purchase + get 10% off $100, 20% off $200+.

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