Why I’m Ditching Peter Millar and G/FORE For PXG Apparel This Season

Why I’m Ditching Peter Millar and G/FORE For PXG Apparel This Season

As the weather grows warmer, there’s only one thing on my mind — golf.

I fell in love with the sport during COVID, and I’m proud to say my golf game has improved significantly in the past couple of years. My golf wardrobe, on the other hand, could use some help.

Here’s What My Golf Wardrobe Used To Look Like:

When I first started playing, I fell victim to Peter Millar’s classic polos from the pro shop at a friend’s country club. Initially, I really liked the fit and feel, but after a few washes, the fabric started pilling, and the collars weren’t holding up. I also wasn’t impressed by the lackluster designs and wanted something sleeker for the course.

Next up: G/FORE — a newer brand with trendier styles for the modern golfer. While their floral and geometric patterns definitely look cool, they’re subpar in the performance category. Playing 18 holes on warmer days in my G/FORE polos was rough and left me with serious sweat stains.

I knew there had to be a brand that makes golf apparel that’s comfortable, stylish, and high performing. That’s when I discovered PXG’s premium apparel.

Here’s What My Golf Wardrobe Looks Like With PXG:

Every golfer needs a reliable polo in their rotation, and PXG outdrives the competition with its Athletic Fit BP Striped Collar Polo ($125):

This polo features tasteful details with light azure blue accents on the logo and collar. The fabric’s stretchy, moisture wicking, and fits like a glove. Even after a bunch of washes, it still looks fresh off the rack. With the subtle PXG branding along the neckline and the snap buttons, this polo is definitely my go-to.

Another PXG piece I’ve been rocking is the Shoulder Stripe Perforated Vest ($225):

It’s always smart to have another layer handy for when the wind picks up or the clouds roll in. This vest is super lightweight, yet also provides added warmth when needed. Designed with the classic black and white PXG color scheme, it’ll go with whatever you wear and elevate your overall fit.

An underrated part of golf attire is the bottoms, and PXG nails it with its Slim Trouser Pants ($165):

These pants do it all — they’re moisture wicking and offer UV protection. Plus, their versatile design allows you to go from the office to the tee box to the bar and look sharp in all settings. The slender, tapered leg and Hunter Green color provide a contemporary flair to the classic golf pants. I just may be guilty of wearing these multiple times a week.

Final Thoughts:

Don’t underestimate how much your golf wardrobe can level up your game.

It’s time to ditch the boring, low-quality gear and embrace a new era of golf apparel with PXG. When you look this good, you feel more confident and play even better.

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