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I Heard About Eight Sleep From My Favorite Podcaster And Gave It A Try

I’ve always been a podcast lover. I’ve been listening to Lex Fridman’s for a while and the conversations about the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power are unmatched.

Lex is also a leading AI researcher working on autonomous vehicles, human-robot interaction, and machine learning at MIT and beyond. Recently he was talking about Eight Sleep’s smart mattress, the Pod Pro, and how it has improved his sleep fitness.1 I knew he knew what he was talking about when it comes to technology, and although I’ve trusted Lex’s tech recommendations, I was still skeptical about this one.

Eight Sleep touts a revolutionary mattress cover that merges cutting-edge technology, with an innovative design. According to their site, the cover helps you unlock higher-quality sleep every night with its dual-zone cooling technology that automatically heats and cools the mattress to your perfect temperature. The award-winning brand sounded incredible so with Lex’s recommendation and their 100-Day Return Policy, I took the bait.

The thing I was most worried about not working well was temperature control. Lot of mattresses and covers talk a big game these days and as someone who’s usually hot, kicking my covers off in the night, this investment had better fix this problem.

The Pod Pro Cover by Eight Sleep was not oversold in this department. The Cover, which allows you to control the temperature on each side between 55°F-110°F, worked exactly as advertised.

Their Smart Temp Autopilot, which measures room temperature and humidity, also meant the Pod Pro Cover would automatically adjust to maintain my ideal temperature. My partner and I have not fought over the room temperature for bedtime since!

With so much tech running, I was also concerned about our electricity bill, but surprisingly, it works out much cheaper than running the air conditioner or heating all night.

The Eight Sleep app, which the Cover connects to, gives you a detailed analysis of your sleep. With it you can review your sleep hours, REM cycle, etc. Their app also has a Daily Health Check & HRV Monitoring feature which looks at Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability- every indicator of physical wellness.

One of the cooler features was their new GentleRise™ Technology. It helped me wake up naturally through gentle vibrations at the chest level while also cooling down the mattress simultaneously. It’s a much-improved way to be woken up than by a loud alarm.

Eight Sleep does offer a financing option too, which means you can put zero down at the time of purchase, and then pay as low as $47.08 a month for 36 months without interest.

As for putting it together, the cover zipped easily on and stayed put all night thanks to Eight Sleep's PerfectFit™ encasement. Setting up the cover is easy thanks to Eight Sleep’s simple visuals and the text instructions available on their app.

The Pod Pro Cover by Eight Sleep fits perfectly on my old Queen sized mattress and has helped me fix my sleep schedule; now I get way more sleep (my full 8 hours) than I used to.

Ultimately I am delighted that I came across the Eight Sleep thanks to Lex Fridman’s podcast. The Pod Pro Cover has changed my sleep for the better.

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1 https://www.eightsleep.com/lex/

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