Why Drizly Is Our Go-To For All Our Summertime Activities

Why Drizly Is Our Go-To For All Our Summertime Activities

The number one thing I missed during the last year was making memories with all my friends. We live for those hilarious, embarrassing, and feel-good moments that we talk about for years to come. Texting and FaceTime is just no replacement for spontaneous day trips hiking up a mountain or simply rambling all day in a coffee shop and Zoom parties could never replace a night out dancing and drinking.

So now that life is slowly getting back to what it once was and the weather is getting warmer, brighter, and summery, obviously, the first thing me and my gang are doing is having a celebratory outdoor picnic party.

Finally, there is some real excitement and something to chat all night about in the group chat! Well, it's mostly Emily organizing the when, the where, the what, while the rest of us reply with screaming voice notes and matching gifs.

Emily had everything planned to a T days before, just like olds days. She even sent us a link to Drizly, an alcohol delivery service. She had been using Drizly for everything she needed for months now, while the rest of us went from liquor store to liquor store finding everyone specific drinks. Thankfully she was finally sharing her secret so no more rambling in liquor stores wasting ur very valuable socializing time.

I thought I'd just get all my supplies from my local liquor store on the way. But then the group chat was all about Drizly and how it literally has everything you can think of, even all those little extras like lemons and lines - they compare loads of local stores and have ridiculously fast delivery. Like under an hour!

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I'm all about supporting my local business so when I heard Drizly not only delivers your goods but they also partner with the stores near you I knew I needed to check them out. Plus Emily said she has been using Drizly for months to get all her alcohol delivered to her door so I knew it had to be great. Emily only chooses the best!

After looking on their app, I saw all my usual summer go-to's: hard seltzer, and my favorite rosé, along with literally every kind of liquor, beer, and wine. Plus they had all the party extras you would need from cups to mixers and snacks. The customer reviews were great if I wanted to expand my horizon and try something new.

But the best part is being able to order items from multiple stores all in one place. No more having to hit up multiple stores to find what you need. And by giving me access to such a huge variety of different liquor stores, I can search for the best deals and maybe even save myself some of your hard-earned cash.

Why wait? I downloaded the Drizly app and placed my order the day before our get-together. Drizly also offers ordering in advance, up to 2 weeks early. I placed a very large order so I was surprised when it was at my door less than one hour later. The app was so easy to navigate in a few minutes I had everything I wanted and checked out all while not even having to leave home.

The next day, I didn't get delayed stopping in a liquor store, with my Drizly order packed I was ready to go. The day and evening could not have gone better, I haven't laughed that much all year, and being outside gave me the summer feeling I needed to change my mood. I walked the whole way home excited for what this summer has in store with all my friends. With one thing for sure, a Drizly order will be placed before every gathering to make the day and night even better.

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