Where Should You Go For Your ESA Letter? We Compare 3 Options

Where Should You Go For Your ESA Letter? We Compare 3 Options

Moving can be really tough, especially when you're faced with the idea of not living with your Emotional Support Animal. After all, they’re more than just pets; ESA’s play a crucial role in maintaining our personal well-being.

But here's the good news: you can live with your emotional support animal, even if your landlord has a "no pets" rule, as long as you have an Emotional Support Animal Letter (ESA Letter).

The tricky part is figuring out where to get that letter. With so many options popping up, how do we know which ones are actually legit? Or which one will get us the letter in time?

After some research, we found that Pettable, US Service Animals, and CertaPets are the most popular options for people looking for an ESA Letter.

We compared all three companies. Keep reading to find out which one we think is the best…

Key Differences:

  • Pettable provides legal assistance with landlords
  • Pettable offers a full refund policy, while CertaPetoffers a partial refund, and US Service Animalsrequires a legal interview for refunds
  • Pettable and CertaPet offer services for both ESA and psychiatric service dogs, while US Service Animals focuses more broadly on ESAs
  • US Service Animals was founded in 2015, CertaPet in 2018, and Pettable in 2020
  • US Service Animals was founded by lawyers and provides comprehensive legal information and resources on their website
  • US Service Animals requires a week for ESA letter turnaround, compared to Pettable’s faster options

Pettable Overview:

Pettable is recognized for its quick and reliable ESA Letter service, endorsed by notable media outlets like USA Today, NBC, Fox, and CBS. With a focus on client support, they offer afull refund if a client doesn’t qualify for an ESA, and a team of legal experts to support clients with ESA laws.

With Pettable, you can have up to two pets per ESA letter for no additional charge. With their “Express Service” option, you can have your letter in just 24 hours. Their stress-free and efficient process stands out, making them a leading choice for ESA letters.

CertaPet Overview:

CertaPet has built a reputable online ESA Letter service. It's been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes. The service includes a pre-screening and consultation with an LMHP, but they only offer partial refunds if you don’t get your letter.

CertaPet provides a range of consultations for ESA and psychiatric service dogs, making them a reliable choice for those seeking support for mental health conditions.

US Service Animals Overview:

US Service Animals has positioned itself as an ethical pioneer in the ESA Letter market. Offering a straightforward process for their letters, they prioritize helping individuals with mental health disabilities get their ESA Letter.

However, their refund process involves a legal interview. But, their focus on ethical practices and comprehensive support distinguishes them in the field of ESA services.

Comparison Criteria:

Final Thoughts:

All companies have their merits, but Pettable is our winner. When comparing them, Pettable stands out for its client-centered approach, including full refunds, legal support, and fast service. There’s a reason why Pettable’s rated 4.7 on Trustpilot with 4500+ reviews!

The process with Pettable is seamless: take a 3-minute assessment, book your phone consultation, and if you qualify after speaking with the clinician, they'll submit your emotional support animal letter onto your portal. Yep, it’s that simple.

Considering the invaluable support they provide, Pettable's pricing is very reasonable. A Standard letter is only $149. Plus, they’ve got a Money Back Guarantee with no strings attached. For those looking for an easy way to get an ESA Letter, go with Pettable.

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