What Drivers Are Saying About rateGenius

New car costs are on the rise; the average new-car monthly payment hit an all-time high of $531 in 2018. And to add to that, auto loans are taking longer and longer to pay off. But if you're one of those people struggling with expensive car payments, there's no need to feel stuck. Most people don't know that they have the option to refinance their car loan, and the whole process is actually quite simple.

rateGenius helps you refinance your car loan so that you can start taking advantage of lower car payments. They work with over 150 lenders to help you replace your old loan with a new one. The new loan could have a lower interest rate, meaning lower monthly payments. They've helped people save an average of $78 a month. That's nearly $1000 a year! Their 5-minute application process is quick and easy and can be done online. With rateGenius, the refinancing process is as convenient and painless as possible. There's nothing to lose.

rateGenius customers are so happy they've started saving money by refinancing their auto loan. See why they can't stop talking about rateGenius.

"I saved $250 a month on my payment"

  • "Super easy! Not only was everything handled by text, email and UPS, they accommodated my night shift schedule. I saved $250 a month on my payment but I'm going to keep paying the extra towards principal. Highly recommended!" - LisaOT on Yelp

"They prepare everything for you"

  • "They are patient, helpful, and very knowledgeable. The process was quite simple, once I got my end of things done. They prepare everything for you and you simply sign some forms. I'd recommend them for refinancing anytime!"- Jessadorkadon on CreditKarma

"I'm saving $140 a month"

  • "Got the rate I wanted. They answered every question expertly and promptly. I'm saving $140 a month!" - Alan on LendingTree

"I was refinanced with a different bank within a week's time"

  • "Easiest refinance ever! This went so smoothly. The agent who assisted me even went as far as texting (much more convenient for me) so that was surprisingly helpful. I was refinanced with a different bank within a week's time with little effort on my part, just had to provide the appropriate information that was easily obtained. If you're looking to refinance, use RateGenius!" - Mindforcesbody on Supermoney

"Nearly cut my interest rate in half"

  • "Really happy with my refinance. Nearly cut my interest rate in half! Everything went quick and smoothly and the company was very responsive to my questions and concerns." - Philippe on Facebook

If you're ready to stop crying every time you look at your bank account, then apply to refinance your car loan with rateGenius. A representative will work with you to get your car payments as low as possible. Stop throwing away money on interest fees and splurge on yourself instead. The sooner you apply the faster you'll start saving!

UPDATE: RateGenius is offering prequalification survey to browse for new car rates with ZERO impact on your credit score! Take the survey under a minute to see if you qualify.