What Do Orchard’s Customers Really Think? Here’s What They’re Saying

Can buying & selling your home really be that easy?

Buying and selling a house is a nightmare. We often feel pressured to follow the classic buy/sell process, but that's not necessarily the best option. Orchard is changing the way you can buy and sell your home so that it works for you.

Orchard makes the whole process easy and straightforward, whether you're a seasoned vet or going through it for the first time. They make you a non-contingent buyer so you don't miss out on your dream home. Then, once you've moved in, they help sell your old home. You work with a licensed real estate agent who lists the home for top dollar and guarantees a sale. They even take cleaning, listing, and showing your old home off your plate. You get amazing service at the same or a cheaper rate than traditional agents or home buying companies.

What do Orchard's customers really think? Here's what they're saying:

"Orchard totally took the stress out of the whole process."

"Orchard totally took the stress out of the whole process. I can't imagine having to do showings while still in your home (I did it with my previous home and it was trying). Bring the Covid crisis into the picture and that makes it 100% more stressful and challenging. Orchard took all of that stress away." - Helen

"Everything our agent said would happen, happened."

"Our experience was great. Everything our agent said would happen, happened. It was a smooth transition and would recommend them anytime. It helped us tremendously because of age and health concerns." - Shannon

"The whole selling and buying process generally went smooth."

"The whole selling and buying process generally went smooth. Had some issues with the new house mortgage but Orchard gave us an extension to stay in our old house until we were done with the new home closing. Will definitely recommend it to friends." - Lawrence

"The website made it very easy to find real estate…"

"Excellent service! The website made it very easy to find real estate that was according to our preferences. The use of the "default" preview also makes it easy to navigate quickly in our search. I should say that the entire buying experience was very smooth. Rachel was very nice and accommodating! Definitely would recommend!" - Thomas

"...this was hands-down the least stressful avenue I can imagine."

"Working with Orchard was an amazing experience. We couldn't have asked for a better set-up to make this transition across the country for our family. Louise and Jennifer were both tremendous professionals and helpful in every way. There are obviously perks to every approach to selling and buying a home, but this was hands-down the least stressful avenue I can imagine." - Lindsey

"... without a doubt, this was the EASIEST home selling process I have ever experienced."

"I live in the San Antonio, TX area. I can tell anyone thinking of using Orchard that without a doubt this was the EASIEST home selling process I have ever experienced. I have bought and sold 3 homes. This was amazing. There was no fussing with my kids to clean their rooms, no showings, no having to worry about where my dogs were...just easy. I had plenty of equity in my home (had lived there for 13 years) so the offer was excellent and I had my money the SAME day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." - Jeanette

Buying and selling homes shouldn't take such a toll on you, and thanks to Orchard, now it won't! They're ready to take you through the whole process from A to Z. Get Orchard and let them take the weight off your shoulders.

UPDATE: Save time and money when you sell and buy with Orchard. Follow this link to get one step closer to your dream home!

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