We Put Our Favorite Tequilas To The Test - Here’s What We Found Out

We Put Our Favorite Tequilas To The Test - Here’s What We Found Out

While tequila is typically a love-it or hate-it drink, it’s still a relationship you must tend to. Between friends pouring shots, margaritas at dinner, and celebs lining liquor store shelves with their tequila brands, this is the drink you can’t escape.

However, you don’t necessarily need to escape. Trying to find the best reposado tequila or the best sipping tequila through trial and error isn’t quite cutting it for us. So, we’ve put three tequila brands we never stop hearing about to the test to see what’s sippable, shootable, and slammable: Los Sundays, 1800, and Casamigos.

Here’s what we found out and which we recommend you reach for each time you hear the word tequila:

Key Similarities:

  • All offer Blanco and Reposado
  • All are gluten-free
  • All use 100% blue agave

Key Differences:

  • Los Sundays uses a blend of Highland and Lowland agave
  • Casamigos offers Mezcal
  • Los Sundays and 1800 offer Coconut-infused options
  • 1800 has a luxury line of tequila

Los Sundays

Los Sundays is a tequila company we’ve seen floating around Instagram, but never really looked into beyond their unique and creative merch ranging from hats, pants, and sweaters.

Their tequilas are all sustainably-farmed, gluten-free, and made with 100% blue weber agave. Unlike other tequila brands, Los Sundays blends agave from both the Highland and Lowland to create a delightfully complex flavor. And speaking of flavor, they offer Blanco, Reposado and even Coconut for those still hesitant to jump into tequila.

Their Blanco takes blends of Highland and Lowland agave and double-distills them to reach the perfect combination of floral and earthy tones. Following the Blanco is their Coconut which uses Blanco as a base and is then infused with all natural-coconut flavor in the final hours of production, leaving a splash of coconut with a bright finish.

Finally, Løs Sundays Reposado is rested in once used Tennessee whiskey barrels for 10 months before bottling creating notes of vanilla and caramelized stone fruit.

Not only has every Los Sundays tequila won an award for flavor, but they’ve also received awards for their modern, sleek packaging that looks good on every bar cart!

Los Sundays’ high-quality ingredients are distilled at the most awarded distillery in Jalisco, Mexico while still keeping their prices low. The Coconut costs $32.99, Blanco $35.99, and Reposado $38.99.

Los Sundays Tequila
Not Your Standard Tequila Company
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Casamigos boasts an impressive resume directed towards those who have been sipping tequila since 21 years of age. They have a wide selection including Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, and even tequila’s smoky sister, Mezcal.

Co-founded by George Clooney, Casamigos uses 100% blue agave from the Highlands of Jalisco and has received countless awards and accolades for their tequilas.

All of their tequilas go through a rigorous process before hitting the shelves. Their agave is slow-roasted for 72 hours, goes through 80 hours of fermentation, and utilizes a special yeast blend to create a consistent, refined flavor.

Casamigos’ tequilas start from $45 and reach $73.


1800 tequila has long been known for its wide range of flavors and approachable price point. Their tequila formula has remained true to its original recipe and distillation process. Each bottle that leaves the distillery today is a replication of those that left the distillery for centuries.

Their everyday selection includes Silver, Reposado, Anejo, and Coconut. But 1800 also has an exclusive luxury line that includes Anejo Cristalino, Tequila Extra Anejo Milenio, and Tequila Extra Anejo Colección.

1800’s prices range from $34 for their Blanco to $43 for their Anejo, and $65 for their Cristalino.

Final Verdict

It pains us not to choose George Clooney’s baby, Casamigos, but we’re going with Los Sundays. All. Day. Every. Day. We want a drink that runs the range: we want it to be the best tequila for shots while still being the best tasting tequila for when we want to take it a little slower.

While Casamigos offers a premium lineup of tequilas, they don’t feel as approachable in price or as fun as Los Sundays. We like that we can sip on Los Sundays without feeling the pressure to know every detail about the origins of tequila. Plus, their Coconut is the perfect gateway tequila for those looking to move into the agave scene.

We haven’t forgotten about 1800, either! Yes, they offer Coconut tequila and the price range is similar, but the fact that their tequila recipe hasn’t changed in centuries is a bit of a turn-off for us. We want a drink that matches the times and continually creates something new and exciting for us.

Los Sundays is the tequila of the people. Sip it, shoot it, shake it - it can do it all. Their high-quality ingredients, blends of agaves, affordable prices, and range of flavors make them the perfect choice for any and all tequila drinkers.

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