We Put Crest Whitestrips And vVardis To The Test - Here Is Our Honest Review

We Put Crest Whitestrips And vVardis To The Test - Here Is Our Honest Review

Perhaps it’s red wine or coffee that’s drawing your attention to teeth whitening kits, or maybe you’ve skipped your last cleanings – regardless, there are several at-home remedies that can help you brighten your teeth.

But before purchasing one of the hundreds of teeth whitening products available, there are a few things you should consider. You’ve probably seen ads and photoshopped before-and-after pictures of whitening solutions – don’t make the mistake of purchasing one that doesn’t deliver on big promises! Besides, it’s essential to look for ingredients that work without damaging your gum and teeth.

While researching for the top whitening kits, our editors came across vVardis – a revolutionary new company offering oral care products that help with both eliminating early tooth decay and healthy whitening without sensitivity. They use their patented technnology to create new white enamel the way nature does.

We put vVardis to the test with Crest Whitestrips. Here’s what we discovered:

Key Similarities:

  • Both whiten your teeth
  • Both can be used if you have dental work
  • Both are at-home whitening treatments

Key Differences:

  • vVardis products whiten your teeth without irritating your gum and teeth – Crest Whitestrips can cause gum and tooth sensitivity
  • vVardis Whitening Collection contains a whitening toothpaste, a dental highlighter, a whitening serum, and a toothbrush to achieve the best results – Crest Whitestrips come with 20 whitening treatments (each with one upper and one lower strip)
  • vVardis products are clean and vegan and don’t contain sulfates, parabens, or hydrogen peroxide - Crest Whitestrips contain toxic chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide
  • vVardis is centered around nature and creating new white enamel, not just whitening

vVardis Overview

vVardis is a revolutionary Swiss brand that offers sustainable and safe-to-use whitening and teeth strengthening products that help eliminate early tooth decay. Leading dentists and scientists developed their globally patented WX formula to strengthen, protect and instantly whiten teeth up to ten shades without causing sensitivity.

Not only does the WX formula whiten teeth, but it also mimics nature, building on teeth’s natural enamel. vVardis creates stronger, new enamel-like layers that protect your teeth from daily wear and tear and go far beyond just average whitening.

All products of their Oral Care Set are meant to be used in tandem and result in a whiter, brighter, and healthier smile. The set comes with their Enamel Anti-Aging Toothpaste that whitens, strengthens, remineralizes, and repairs enamel and their Enamel Highlighter Mouthwash that helps prevent tooth decay and instantly brightens your teeth, and freshens your breath.

Another key product of vVardis’ Oral Care Setis the White Enamel Serum, a peroxide-free formula ideal for sensitive teeth and gums. What makes the serum unique is that it whitens your teeth without stripping or dulling them. Simply sweep it over your teeth after brushing. You can even use it on ceramic crowns and fillings.

Speaking of brushing, the Oral Care Set also comes with a wooden Enamel Caressing Toothbrush, engineered for a gentle brush. Clinical studies show that vVardis’ bristle technology is up to 10 times more effective than traditional brushes in hard-to-reach areas.

All four of these products are included in the Oral Care Set and cost $199. And we must say that we were really impressed by vVardis gorgeous packaging!

Ingredients - 10
Sensitivity - 10
Convenience - 10
- 8

Crest Whitestrips Overview

Crest Whitestrips is a well-known teeth whitening product that works by bleaching stains on your teeth. Each package comes in pairs, one for your upper teeth and one for your lower teeth. The strips are lined with a peroxide gel that you apply to your teeth after brushing and patting them dry with a towel. While Crest offers various whitening solutions, the Classic White Bundle comes with 20 treatments to use twice a day for 30 minutes.

It is important to know that Crest Whitestrips often come with side effects and may not suit everyone. The peroxide gel in the strips causes a chemical reaction to whiten your teeth and is known to irritate gums.

We also found out that the shape of the strips often leaves areas of the teeth untreated, resulting in yellow spots. Another side effect is tooth sensitivity. Crest Whitestrips shouldn’t be overused and aren’t safe to use when you have cavities or gum disease.

Ingredients - 5
Sensitivity - 5
Convenience - 8
Price - 10

Final Thoughts

We’ve never come across a whitening product that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals like peroxide before we met vVardis. After using their Oral Care Set for only three weeks, our smile is whiter and cleaner, and our enamel feels stronger than ever – all without any sensitivity. Sure, it’s more expensive than Crest, but vVardis is more than just teeth whitening, and it’s a price we’d happily pay over and over again to get whiter and stronger, new white enamel. Plus, we absolutely love our new oral care routine.

While we were able to see results with Crest Whitestrips as well, it was irritating our gums, leading to pain and bleeding. We also weren’t a big fan of the application process.

If you’re looking for a safe-to-use long-term solution to whiten your teeth, we can’t recommend vVardis enough! It has changed our approach to teeth whitening and oral care forever. Plus, vVardis’ products are sustainable, clean, vegan, and cruelty-free!

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