VR Meets Softball — A Parent’s Guide To WIN Reality

VR Meets Softball — A Parent’s Guide To WIN Reality

Everyone on the planet seems to know basketball superstar Caitlin Clark. Her stellar performance over the 2024 college basketball season and March Madness played a pivotal role in elevating women's sports on an international stage.

Our sports editors found another incredible story making waves in the female sports world — but this one involves virtual reality and softball (yes you read that correctly).

In May 2024, the Oklahoma State University softball team — the Cowgirls — clashed with their long standing rivals, the University of Oklahoma Sooners. This softball showdown epitomizes the glory of an underdog triumph.

Over the past few years, the Sooners have been a national powerhouse in NCAA Softball. With multiple national titles under their belt, the Sooners entered the game as the clear favorite, while the Cowgirls were definitely the underdogs.

So how exactly did the Cowgirls pull off this remarkable victory? Turns out that Oklahoma State University Softball has trained with WIN Reality — a virtual reality baseball and softball training tool that allows players to practice unlimited game-speed pitches at their homes.

The team utilized WIN’s innovative VR approach to train up for their series, which led them to dominate the University of Oklahoma’s pitchers and win the series. By submitting the Sooners’ pitch data and videos to WIN Reality, the Cowgirls were able to practice specifically for this upcoming series— seeing over 800 pitches virtually in preparation. This enabled them to become familiar with the opposing pitcher and take advantage when it mattered most.

WIN Reality provided the edge for the Cowgirls to take the University of Oklahoma down and led them to win in the real world. But it’s not merely a training tool for NCAA softball — WIN works for players at all skill levels.

Here’s everything you need to know about the groundbreaking training tool:

  • Founded By Baseball Experts:WIN Reality is a dynamic training tool designed by actual players and coaches. Many professional and college teams use WIN for training — proving it’s the real deal.
  • Library of 600+ Pitchers: Designed for players of all ages — from Little League to pros, their massive library allows players to practice every conceivable combination of arm angle, release point, and velocity.
  • Unlimited Reps: WIN memberships include unlimited use — allowing young athletes to see 10 times the amount of pitches compared to traditional methods.
  • Swing Analysis: WIN’s Swing AITrainer tool and coaches analyze your biomechanics to develop an individualized training plan for your swing.
  • Multiple Training Tools target various skills: Exhibition Mode, Live Pitch Mode, Live Competitions, and Targeted Workouts.

Like most parents, you’d love it if your kid would become the next Superstar so check out WIN today, and soon your kid will be knocking it out of the park!

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