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The Surprising Things You Should Know About Vivint

I wasn't a fan of smart homes, so I did my research.

After we had our second child, we finally found our dream home.

It was everything I wanted my home to be, but most importantly, it was in the safest neighborhood we could find. That's why I was surprised when my husband, Harry, came home with the idea of increasing our home security.

He said a few of his co-workers got Vivint Smart Home installed and that all of them can't stop raving about it. My initial thought after checking out Vivint? We don't need all these cameras, controls, and smart locks.

I'm not very tech savvy - but we got our quote, and we were very happy with it, so we met with our Smart Home Pro, and he installed everything!

Here are just 5 things I was surprised to learn about Vivint Smart Home.

You can't be at home 24/7, but Vivint can, with their continuous monitoring, you can rest assured your house is safe when you're out at work or asleep.

Second-guessing if you locked the door or not? These anxious moments are now in the past, thanks to Vivint. A quick click on the Vivint app, and I can lock my doors, even my garage door!

Think caller-ID, but for your front door. I use this all the time to see who's at the door and when I am not at home to see who called. It has a one-way camera but two-way talk so I can tell the delivery man where to leave my package. It even has night vision so you can see everything at any time.

Who doesn't want to come home to a warm house? I love turning up my thermostat from the Vivint app 20 minutes before I get home. And if I forget to turn it off before leaving or getting into bed, all I have to do is turn it off from the app or schedule it to turn off at a certain time too.

Ping Camera; this indoor camera gives you a one-way video, two-way talk, and call-out so my kids can talk to me through it when they are at home. I'm so glad we got this camera as I can keep an eye on the kids while they're at home.

We're 3 months into having a Vivint Smart Home, and I don't know what we did without it. Once our Smart Home Pro showed me all the things we could see and control in our house through the Vivint cameras and app, I was amazed.

It isn't just protecting your home from intruders; it puts the control of everything in your home back in your own hands.

They made the whole process so easy and took care of the installation.

I can't believe how much safer and secure I feel about my home while I'm here or out with Vivint Smart Home.

Update: Vivint is extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link to receive free installation and a $50 visa gift card with a purchase of a system.

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