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Vitamins And Toothpaste - The Collab I Didn’t Know I Needed

Editor’s Note: Keeping my kids in their routine is hard enough - which means my routine is non-existent. My skincare schedule is off the rails, my daily vitamin is more of a ‘weekly’ vitamin, and - TBH - brushing my teeth sometimes falls by the wayside. But then I found Better & Better, a multi-use toothpaste that delivers all-natural cleaning and your daily dose of vitamins all in one.

Before Better & Better

My kids are fairly young (7 and 9), and the past year I’ve been trying to find a routine that works for them. As a result, I’ve ended up totally ignoring my own.

One night, I was getting ready for bed and looked down at my sad little toothbrush. The bristles were so bent outwards that I seriously doubted it cleaned my teeth at this point.

I snuck into my kids’ bathroom and noticed that theirs were completely demolished – why are we so aggressive when we brush our teeth?! For some reason, I picked up their toothpaste and read off a list of a zillion ingredients I couldn’t recognize – let alone pronounce.

After going through all the motions of mom guilt, I climbed into bed and started researching natural toothpaste. I noticed dozens of options that are fluoride-free and natural, but then I found Better & Better. It not only naturally whitens teeth, Better & Better also provides vitamins D3 and B12 unlike any other vegan toothpaste I’d seen!

I started thinking about my current routine with vitamins – bring on the mom guilt one more time. The last time I remember taking a vitamin was a few weeks ago, and to be totally honest I lost the Flinstones vitamins my kids were taking. There was just no way to get my kids to take their vitamins. In the morning they’re too tired, and at night they’re bouncing off the walls in the bathroom. The thought of them routinely brushing their teeth and taking vitamins separately was out of the question, but now…

I felt like I’d just discovered the most amazing hack – vitamins and nutrients are easily absorbed through your mouth and cheeks. One less thing to add to the routine!

I was so excited at the prospect that I immediately went onto their website and ordered the Energy Starter Set. It comes with Better & Better’s Energy Toothpaste, a Bamboo Toothbrush, Natural Floss, and even a cute 2-minute hourglass to make sure I brush long enough.

Better & Better
Toothpaste With Your Daily Dose of B12 & D3
Try The Energy Starter Set With Toothpaste, Floss, And A Bamboo Toothbrush!

After Better & Better

Once Better & Better was delivered, I got started that night to see how I felt about it for my family.

The gorgeous toothbrush made me realize I may not have been treating my teeth the best – it’s all-natural, made from bamboo and castor-seed oil, and has crazy-soft bristles.

When I started brushing my teeth I was surprised that the toothpaste didn’t suds up like the drugstore fare I typically bought. I was shocked when I read that most toothpaste brands use sulfates to create suds which can be damaging to enamel. Knowing this, the lack of suds made me feel like I didn’t have to brush nearly as aggressively, and I was confident that the bristles would work effectively. Two points for Better & Better.

I was nervous that since it was a natural and vegan toothpaste it wouldn’t taste great, but I was seriously surprised by the flavor! The Energy toothpaste is fresh and minty and left my mouth feeling cleaner than ever. I couldn’t stop running my tongue against my teeth.

While the physical sensations of using – the packaging, the ritual, the taste – Better & Better already had me hooked, it was the prolonged effects that drove me to order two more packs for my family.

What makes Better & Better’s natural toothpaste truly stand out is the addition of vitamins – how ingenious. Now I don’t have to worry about taking my year-old B12 and D3 multi-vitamins randomly throughout the week, or dragging my kids from the bathroom into the kitchen for their vitamins each night.

Most adults have a B12 and D3 deficiency, and I can honestly say now that I’m microdosing them twice daily through my toothpaste I can totally feel a difference. My mood is more consistent and lighter, I get a boost in the morning to keep the kiddos running, and I just feel all-around better.

I’ve finally committed to a two-in-one brushing routine that leaves my teeth whiter, my energy higher, and my mind more relaxed. My entire family loves their all-natural, vegan products because they actually work. Together we’re slowly but surely building a solid routine, and thanks to Better & Better it’s only going to get better. Next up, we’ll tackle flossing.

Try Better & Better Toothpaste Today!

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