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Why Vegamour Is The Right Choice When Addressing Hair Loss

Hair. Some days we love it, some days we hate it - but at the end of the day, we always want our locks to be healthy and present. That’s right, we’re talking about that unfortunate but all too common occurrence - hair loss.

While each experience is unique, there are a ton of common causes for female hair loss. In our research, we discovered everything from medical conditions to birth control side effects to extreme stress.

But, there’s good news. One effective remedy kept being praised across the board: Vegamour.

Vegamour’s product line takes a holistic approach to hair wellness and promotes visibly longer, fuller, thicker hair. They’ve got gummies, serums, foams, and more - with clinically proven and plant-based ingredients.

So how does the vegan beauty brand work out for women with hair loss? Here’s what three women with varying hair-thinning experiences had to say about Vegamour:

The Stress-Induced Hair Loss

Favorite Feature: Powerful, plant-based ingredients

Experience: I’m the first to admit I’m a bit tightly wound. However, the ongoing pandemic-induced stress and the fact that now working from home has become a permanent reality - my nerves have hit a new level of on-edge.

It felt like all of a sudden every hair wash left more strands in the drain. Nothing else in my life had changed except my stress levels. And after some research, I learned that my hair loss was called telogen effluvium (TE). This is when stress pushes large numbers of hair follicles into a resting phase and the affected hairs may fall out suddenly. This was the wake-up call I needed for my hair care and thankfully, I found Vegamour.

The GRO Hair Foam has been a game-changer. This mousse-textured foam makes it easy for an all-over application. I simply towel dry my hair and massage it into my scalp. I was nervous at first but Vegamour’s use of vegan, clinically tested phyto-actives like mung bean, curcumin, and red clover put me at ease. There are no harsh chemicals like minoxidil which is found in Rogaine and may lead to side effects like irritation, chest pain, and headaches.

After four months of consistent use, I saw greater hair density and the shedding is finally under control! Of course, I’ve worked on other de-stressing techniques but giving my hair this extra love and attention is helping rebuild the stress-induced damage.

The Mom-Life Hair Loss

Favorite Feature: Quick-and-easy to use

Experience: My last kid was born 3 years ago and I definitely put off dealing with hair loss. It’s a common symptom after pregnancy but I figured it would just grow back with time. What I didn’t anticipate was being so neglectful of my hair after having kids.

I’m always throwing my hair up in tight buns that last all day to keep it out of the way and look cleaner (you know how it is). Turns out, on top of the hair loss pregnancy caused, these handy up-do’s aren’t great for my hair either. A fellow mom suggested I look into Vegamour, so when I saw their satisfaction guarantee, I gave it a chance.

I don’t have a lot of spare time for self-care so the GRO Biotin Gummies for Hair and the GRO Hair Serum are ideal. I take one yummy, strawberry-flavored gummy every morning with breakfast and the serum allows me to quickly apply and target thinner areas of hair before going to bed.

I love that Vegamour is easy to incorporate into my routine. They have three packs of both products so I can stock up easily, get it delivered to my door, and save! No extra tasks for a super busy mom looking for a quick and effective approach to hair wellness.

The New Diet Hair Loss

Favorite Feature: Everything you need

Experience: I am the New Year, New Me girl and with that always comes a new diet to get healthier. This year I noticed that while I changed up what I was eating, my hair seemed to also be taking a turn and not for the better.

I thought I was going crazy but apparently, diet really does affect hair growth. Turns out, cutting back on meat was actually leading to a nutrient deficiency! And while I’m more careful about keeping those essential vitamins (A, C, E, and B-5, 6,9 and 12) in my meals I needed to give my hair extra attention too.

By incorporating the GRO Complete Kit into my routine, not only can I eat mindfully but I’m confident that my hair and scalp are being treated well too. Vegamour’s kit includes their GRO Foam, GRO Hair Serum, GRO Shampoo, GRO Conditioner, GRO Detoxifying Scalp Serum, GRO Dry Shampoo, and GRO Biotin Gummies (x2) and specifically addresses hair loss. It’s a one-stop-shop to cover all my bases from wash day to a daily vegan supplement.

I’m not great at keeping up with new routines and a lot of energy is going into my New Year diet. With Vegamour’s line of products working together I know that I’m constantly working towards visibly thicker, fuller hair.

No matter what kind of hair loss or thinning, we recommend Vegamour’s entire GRO line. They have the right fit for you and your hair, just a click away.

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