What You Need To Know About Veestro, Freshly, & Sakara Life

What You Need To Know About Veestro, Freshly, & Sakara Life

Why is maintaining healthy eating habits so impossible to maintain? And why does it take so much planning? It's especially hard if you're trying to cut out a food group like meat or dairy.

Searching for the recipes, finding the ingredients, and prepping and cooking meals every day.

A week in and you're back to your old habits again, eating chips & dip one night and ordering takeout the next.

Some people turn to meal delivery services as an easy solution to switching their diet while maintaining convenience because let's face it, most of us don't have the time to do it on our own.

The main contenders in the healthy meal delivery space right now are Veestro, Freshly, and Sakara Life. We compared all three to find out which one we'd stick with. Here's what we found:

Key Similarities:

  • Meals are curated by chefs
  • Deliver directly to your doorstep
  • Subscriptions you can skip, pause, or cancel at any time
  • Meals require zero to minimal prep

Key Differences:

  • Veestro and Sakara Life focus on plant-based meals. Freshly does not
  • Veestro meals start at $9.90, Freshly meals start at $8.49, and Sakara Life meals start at $23
  • Veestro offers both Weight Loss and A La Carte options, Freshly offers Gourmet meals, and Sakara Life is fully weight loss focused

Veestro Overview

We signed up for the 20 meal plan every 2 weeks to start with, but they also offer 10 and 30 meals, each for 1, 2 or 4 weeks. All their meals are completely plant based. We could add whatever meals we wanted from the menu - with Veestro's A La Carte menu you can choose between breakfasts and entress (lunch/dinners).

First thing I noticed was that they cater to many different dietary needs - high protein, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, kosher, and low calorie. They also have a menu specifically for weight loss if that's your goal.

When choosing our meals, we were impressed with the amount of global cuisines on the menu - Moroccan Melang, Miso Udon, Latin Stew. The menu features 50+ meals every week. They also provide the full Nutritional Facts for each meal which are all 100% plant-based, made with organic ingredients, and have no preservatives.

When our meals arrived we were excited to try out the meals. The meals just needed to be zapped in the microwave. All the meals were delicious, our favorite was definitely the Red Curry with Tofu, but we also loved the Banana French Toast & Scramble as a breakfast. We felt fully satisfied after each Veestro meal and found ourselves snacking much less.

Freshly Overview

Freshly's site is easy to navigate. We went with the 10-meals-per-week plan, but Freshly has no breakfast options so we got lunch and dinner for 5 days.

In terms of the meals and ingredients, there's definitely less detail provided on the Freshly site. Their menu consists of 30+ lunch and dinner items, and only a portion of these are plant-based, as they offer omnivore meals too.

In terms of cuisines, the menu is mostly typical American style classic dishes, such as Homestyle Chicken, Cauliflower Shell Beef Bolognaise, and All-American Turkey Meatloaf. In general, the Freshly meals are higher in calories, so weight loss is unlikely on their plan.

The Freshly meals were just as easy to prepare and they arrived ready to heat 'n' eat. Although they were filling, they definitely weren't as appetizing. We could see ourselves getting bored of eating the usual classic meals we could get anywhere.

Sakara Life Overview

Sakara Life clearly caters to people who are trying to lose weight with messaging like "shed excess weight", "reduce bloating", and "improve digestion." Their meals are all plant-based.

When signing up, you don't get to choose your meals as it's a set menu. To give it a fair comparison, we went with the 5-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner plan, which cost $349 altogether - that's over $23 per meal. For that price, we were expecting a lot.

When the delivery arrived we didn't know what would be in our box, but when we opened it the meals looked tasty. We started with the Classic Superfood Granola the next day. It was nice, but nothing on the Veestro breakfasts.

The Wild Rice + Miso Salad for lunch which was healthy but not satisfying. We found ourselves snacking before dinner. The Protein Power Plate for dinner was our favorite, but most of Sakara Life's meals didn't satiate us enough to curb our cravings.

Before our week with Sakara Life was out, we ended up caving and getting takeout. We couldn't resist!

Final Thoughts

Out of these three services, the one we're sticking with is definitely Veestro. The meals were super tasty and satisfying, while still being "healthy." Veestro makes cutting out meat and dairy a breeze.

Freshly's menu offered very few plant-based options, and we could see ourselves getting bored of their meals pretty quickly. Veestro's menu offers meals from a variety of different global cuisines, and they are constantly adding new meals to the menu, so you'll never get bored.

Veestro's meals were the perfect level of satisfaction - they were substantial enough to keep us full and energized while still being healthy, and we even lost a few pounds which was a bonus. Sakara Life's meals were super healthy but they did not fill us up as much. Plus, we like to be able to choose our meals, especially if we're paying $23 for it!

Veestro's plans are affordable and fully flexible, you can add as many breakfasts or lunches/dinners as you want, so we were able to have three Veestro meals a day some days. It's the best meal delivery service for anyone looking for a healthy change that still fits with their lifestyle.

If you're looking for a way to eat more healthy plant based meals, check out Veestro.

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