Veestro, The 100% Plant-Based Meal-Kit Everyone’s Talking About

Veestro, The 100% Plant-Based Meal-Kit Everyone’s Talking About

It isn't that I don't like or don't know how to cook, it's more like I never seem to have the time. Sadly, this means that I usually opt for quick but boring dinners or expensive takeout.

For my health and wallet's sake, this lifestyle isn't sustainable. I needed to find a solution.

Luckily, my older brother Paul mentioned how he signed up for Veestro, a company that crafts plant-based meals delivered right to your door. Veestro's ingredients are healthy, delicious, and he loves how everything came ready-to-eat, with no cooking or prep required!

It sounded like a Meal Kit that could actually help me incorporate more nutritious meals into my day-to-day diet.

Still, I wasn't sure if I believed a frozen meal delivery service could be nutritious, tasty, and also convenient.

I'm the kind of person who requires a bit more digging before committing.

Here's everything I was surprised to uncover about Veestro:

With Veestro, you can enjoy International Meals crafted by professional gourmet chefs. Their menu offers over 50 dishes, inspired by worldwide cuisines, so there's always something exciting to try and no need to worry about having the same dull dinner over and over.

Veestro has something for everyone, no matter their diet, and offers specific meals that accommodate various dietary needs - high protein, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, kosher, and low calorie just to name a few. Veestro also has a weight loss menu.

All of Veestro's meals are plant-based, organic, non-GMO, and there are never any preservatives. Just mouth-watering, nutrient-dense, protein-packed meals you can feel good about.

Not ready to commit? No worries, you can order one-off boxes of meals, although Veestro does offer their active subscribers 10% off & free shipping on every order.

Never worry about prep time again. Simply open the package, warm it up, sit downand enjoy a clean, healthy dinner that's a flavor explosion in every meal.

With delicious plant-based meals like their savory Holiday Shepherd's Pie and the Red Curry with Tofu, I'm so glad I took the chance on this outstanding service.

Thanks to Veestro, I can say bye-bye to takeout and hello to healthy meals packed with protein and vitamins.

If you're like me and can't imagine fitting these exceptional, nutritious, well-balanced meals into your busy schedule, let Veestro prove you wrong.

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