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The Best Valentine's Gift For 2021

How is it Valentine's Day again?

Our editors realize that this is no ordinary year, so any gifting must go way beyond cheap chocolates, heart bedecked boxers, and that cute dashboard teddy bear destined for a gas station trash can.

This Valentine's Day, give the one you love something they will actually use…and keep using. Give them Ekster. They're having a fantastic sale 20% off + a free gift bag!!

Famous for its stylish designs and innovative technology, Ekster offers an array of essential carry items from classic smart wallets to aluminum cardholders that are sure to add polish to your look. They combine quality and functionality with cutting-edge tracking capabilities.

The Parliament Wallet is Ekster's flagship wallet - ultra-thin, it has 6 card slots, and comes in 7 colors. The Senate Cardholder comes with a removable multi-purpose strap - a brilliant way to stash your cash. It also comes in 7 colors, can hold a few bills, and up to 10 cards.

Both The Parliament Wallet and The Senate Cardholder have the instant card access feature - one click of the button in the bottom corner and out pops your cards. No more scrambling for the right piece of plastic.

Eksteralso has an Aluminum Cardholder, a more classic Modular Bifold wallet, iPhone cases, and more, so you're bound to find something perfectly suited to that special someone in your life!

And you've gotta check out the Ekster Tracker Card. If you misplace your wallet, you can track it worldwide with Ekster's global system. Pair it with your Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri, speak a command into your phone the instant you realize your wallet's missing, and the tracker will pull it up on a map.

The tracker card is an absolute must with any of these wallets. Once the app is installed, you'll see how valuable it is. Not only is the wallet secure, but your phone can be traced with it too - which is where the Ekster magic really comes through.

Instead of having to drive back to where you think you've left your wallet, the alert notifies you before you drive away in the first place. You'll never lose your wallet again!

And how about this - the tracker's solar-powered. 3 hours of sunlight lasts for 2 months!

Besides trackability, Ekster's wallets offer many other practical features, like RFID protection that keeps your cards safe from electronic data theft. You can even take remote group selfies with your Tracker.

Exceptional price, flexible returns, free shipping on $50+ orders, and a 12-month warranty are icing on the Ekster cake.

And speaking of cake, we'd all love a slice. But the sweetest gift of all this Valentine's Day is one of Ekster's amazing carry essentials. Their superb craftsmanship and sleek design will last for years.

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