Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day With Chefs Plate

Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day With Chefs Plate

Making dinner for one is always a challenge - whether it’s buying groceries or instant pre-packaged food, everything is portioned for couples. This is no more evident than on Valentine’s Day.

During the holidays, I made a promise to myself that I’d practice self-love regardless of anyone else’s attention or opinion. I always do something for myself every holiday. On Labour Day I tried to be more adventurous and explored a national park, for Halloween I watched scary movies, and for Christmas, I got myself a new coffee machine. All that mattered was that I was doing something for my own happiness.

But now it’s time for the first holiday of the year: Valentine’s Day. This is such a couple's event and I’m single, and I was definitely not going to book a romantic dinner for one. I still wanted to do something special so my mind went to cooking something delicious for myself.

Only problem is I cannot cook! Oh, I can boil pasta or scramble an egg, but not much else. I had tried a delicious meal at my friend's place last week, when I asked her where she bought it from, all she said was that she made it with Chefs Plate.

I couldn’t believe it, neither of us can cook but she showed me the detailed recipe cards and the incredible convenience of cooking with a meal kit. I was shocked. I always thought meal kits seemed super complicated and incredibly expensive. Since then, I knew this is what I was gonna use to create my tasty Valentine’s day dinner.

Chefs Plate is Canada’s most affordable meal kit at $8.99 a meal. Plus, since their subscription plan is non-committed, meaning I could opt-out, skip or pause anytime. It seemed like a good choice.

Chefs Plate is completely customizable. Once I picked my preferences between meat & vegetarian, vegetarian or Family-friendly, the 2 person box - whose leftovers I could enjoy the next night and how many meals a week I wanted (2, 3, or 4 a week), I was set to go.

Chefs Plate
Delivers fresh ingredients & simple recipes right to your door every week
Recipes are ready in 30 minutes or less

Try Chefs Plate Today!

Their menu changes every week with a wide range of global cuisines that I couldn’t wait to dig into. Their meals come in individual, recyclable paper bags that match up to the recipe cards. All their ingredients are fresh and sourced from local and national farms. So all I had to do was follow a recipe - that can’t be too hard right?

It was easier than I thought. All I had to do was grab the kit, the recipe card and start cookin’. Their recipes are easy to follow and take approximately 30 minutes, sometimes even 15. I decided to go all out and cook myself a delicious (hopefully) Valentine’s dinner. I even lit a few candles and turned on 50 First Dates.

Now it was cookin’ time for my Sicilian Chicken Pasta with sun-dried tomato sauce, I followed the recipe, and it took precisely 30 minutes. Plus, it was delicious!! I enjoyed my night, but now it was about using these skills every day.

I loved my Valentine’s Day special dinner with Chefs Plate that I decided to stick with it and explore their other recipes. Over the next few days, I cooked the 20 minutes Fresh Ricotta Veggie Pasta with homemade tomato sauce, the spicy Cowabunga Shrimp Bowls with sriracha-lime mayo & pineapple salsa. I finished the week with Pork Chops & Mushroom Gravy with mashed potatoes - So yum!

Before I started using Chef's Plate, I couldn’t cook, but now I was making things I could only dream of before. Cooking became so fun! It's hard to go wrong with the simple-to-follow instructions and encouragement that are included in the box.

I’m so glad that I used this holiday to do something for myself, something I could use for a long time. With Chefs Plate, I cut down my takeout and grocery bill and even managed to save a lot of time during the day. Suddenly I was cooking so much more than I could ever get from takeout.

Don’t feel left out this Valentine’s Day and cook yourself a delicious meal with Chefs Plate.

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