College student's bed prepped with a Sleepyhead topper

Unlocking Your Potential - Starts With Better Sleep

No matter what year you are, if you live on campus, you know firsthand how grossly uncomfortable most beds in dorm room beds can be.

With so much going on - from papers that require extensive research to party invitations you simply can't turn down - good rest can be hard to come by during your undergrad days. We all know that sleep is vital to your success.

One unwritten rule our editors remember from our undergrad days is that you should create a comfortable space to ensure you get the rest you need to be your best self.

Of course, it isn't realistic for every college student to show up at the start of each semester with their own mattress - in fact, we can’t think of anyone who did! So, our editors took to the internet to find the next best thing: an amazing mattress topper.

After a bit of digging we came across Sleepyhead - a brand looking to elevate the sleeping experience for college students across the country.

Sleepyhead is driven by its mission to empower college students to make the most of their potential with their boundary-pushing products that allow students the opportunity to dream big and rest in comfort.

Unlike many of their competitors, Sleppyhead’s toppers are made with advanced memory foam infused with sleep-inducing properties like copper and gel. Plus, let’s not forget to mention that all Sleepyhead toppers come in college-specific sizes and have a good-till-graduation warranty.

After all the research our editors did we had to give this company our stamp of approval.

Here are 3 types of students who need to invest in a Sleepyhead topper:

The Procrastinator

Sleepyhead's Gel-infused memory foam mattress topper is plush, relieves aches, and provides needed back support, no matter the type of sleeper you are. Great for those cramming in last-minute study sessions and laboring over that end-of-the-semester erm paper. After a night - and early morning - of procrastinating this awesome topper allows you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer will certainly help.


Sleepyhead’s gel-infused mattress topper draws warmth away from your body, producing a cooler sleeping surface that can help you unwind and de-stress more quickly than a traditional mattress pad.

Best for the student who needs help combating those stressful semesters. Choosing Sleepyhead's gel-infused topper will provide needed pressure relief.

The Athlete

Very few companies construct their mattress toppers to withstand the elements or other external factors such as sweat, bed bugs, and other germs. That's why many college athletes should seriously consider Sleepyhead's copper-infused topper when looking for ways to stay well-rested and regenerate between games.

Made of breathable materials that can provide temperature regulation, this topper is the best option our editors uncovered for eliminating lingering odors.

Sleepyhead’s topper isn't just about taking care of unpleasant smells. This copper-infused topper features anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that protect against all sorts of undesirable germs, dust, and nasty stuff that builds up over time. Be gone viruses, mold, and fungus! No wonder this topper was called the mattress pad of 2020.

The Renaissance Student

The Super Topper is the best option for those college students who are involved in a bit of everything and need to end each day with comfort and support. This topper provides the best of the best of Sleepyhead's comfortable Copper and gel toppers to help provide the best sleep a student can get.

This topper features tech that aids in cooling, combats germs, and provides spinal support, which will ensure you aren't waking up with a crick in your neck or aches in your back.

Bonus: The Super Topper is a fantastic alternative for students with sensitive skin, asthma, or severe allergies. Nothing will stop you from becoming valedictorian, especially when you’re sleeping on something this innovative and comfy.

Any of Sleepyhead's mattress toppers will help you sleep better and wake up refreshed, ready to conquer your dreams. No need to stress about what the semester will throw your way.

Let’s face it, College is intense enough, so stop stressing over your lumpy, old mattress pad. Get smart and invest in a Sleepyhead mattress topper today.

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